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Top 10 best cars for dog owners

Nick Francis

04 Jun 2021

Need a car that will make your dog’s tail wag? These are the best cars for dog owners on sale today.

1. Skoda Superb Estate

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The Skoda Superb Estate is one of the best all-round estate cars money can buy, but it’s especially good if you’ve got dogs. Unlike most SUVs the boot lip is low so dogs can jump in and out with ease - especially good for older dogs which aren’t as mobile as they used to be - and the load space itself is a mammoth 660-litres, so your furry friends can get comfy after a hard day of fetching sticks. 

2. Land Rover Defender 

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Dogs get messy and muddy, that can’t be helped, but thankfully the Land Rover Defender loves getting messy and muddy too. It was designed with mud-plugging in mind after all. The Defender’s boot is rubberised which makes it a doddle to wipe down, and it won’t absorb any ‘wet dog’ smell. For bigger dogs, or multiple hounds, you will need to go for the 110 body style. The 90’s boot is only a modest 397-litres. 

3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate 

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The beauty of the E-Class Estate is the fact it has no lip on the boot, the load bed is completely flat, so dogs can jump in and out without problems. And if you pay extra for a model with air suspension you can lower the car to make it even easier. Mercedes will sell you a dog guard which separates the boot from the back seats, so you don’t need to worry about the leather upholstery being doggified. 

4. Land Rover Discovery Sport

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A popular choice with the Barbour-wearing gundog crowd, the Discovery Sport is unflappable in wet and icy conditions and also offers a 754-litre flat-bottomed boot when the third row of seats are folded flat. Land Rover offers a range of doggy accessories too, including a quilted boot liner so your pampered pooch is always comfortable. If you need to make use of the full seven seats it won’t suit you though: the boot is only 157-litres when they are folded up.

5. Citroen Berlingo

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It may look uglier than a bulldog chewing a wasp, but don’t knock the Berlingo until you try it. If you have more than one dog – or even run a dog walking business – then it doesn’t get much better than this. It has a huge cargo load of 770-litres and the gaping tailgate opens wider than a yawning Great Dane’s mouth. The interior is festooned with storage cubbies for things like dog leads and rubber balls too.

6. Dacia Duster 

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The Dacia Duster is almost so cheap you won’t care if your dog trashes the interior. Okay, not quite, but it does offer a solid canine wagon for a very affordable price. The 445-litre boot offers more than enough room, and because the Dacia is cheap and cheerful the interior is mostly made of wipe-clean plastics. It’s not like your dog cares that it’s not being driven around in a premium German car. 

7. Skoda Karoq

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If you have a bigger dog, or a dog that likes to stand up and look out of the window on a car ride, then you might want something a bit taller than an estate, and the Skoda Karoq is just that. A 521-litre boot lined with tough and durable materials is the perfect place to house your pooch. Skoda even offers a Pet Protection Pack which adds a removeable boot liner and dog guard.

8. Audi RS6 Avant

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Who says you can’t drive a fun car just because you’re a dog owner? The Audi RS6 Avant is both a practical estate and fire-breathing powerhouse. Based on the roomy A6, the RS6’s boot is a generous 565-litres. Powering it is a 4.0-litre twin turbocharged V8 which produces 592bhp, plus it’s AWD so great for taking dogs into the countryside in winter. Just don’t put your foot down too hard with your beloved pet in the back. 

9. Peugeot 308 SW

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The 308 SW offers a great solution for dog owners at a reasonable price. For a start it has a 660-litre boot so there’s plenty of space for multiple pets. The materials inside the car are far from fancy but they are hard-wearing, so you don’t need to worry about damage made by claws or teething puppies. It comes in a range of frugal engines which will be peace of mind if you want to take your dog on holiday. 

10. Skoda Fabia Estate

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The Fabia Estate offers an astonishing amount of room considering it’s based on a hatchback. The boot is a cavernous 530-litres, so if you can’t afford the Superb Estate but still want plenty of space for your dog as well as Skoda’s excellent build quality then the Fabia Estate will do you nicely. The boot has plenty of handy storage cubbies too, so you can keep your dog walking accessories tidy.  

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