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New 2021 BMW M4 Convertible: everything you need to know

Rory White

26 May 2021

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The BMW M4 Competition loses its roof but increases in price to offer an open-top experience. Here's everything you need to know.

> BMW M4 Competition Convertible revealed

> Old metal roof swapped for fabric this time

> Same straight-six engine as M4

> M xDrive all-wheel-drive as standard

> On sale now, from £81,915

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2021 BMW M4 Convertible design

Other than its new roof, the M4 Competition Convertible features the same aggressive body kit with splitters, diffusers, flared arches and sills.

Of course, there's also that grille, which splits opinion like a certain brown spread.

The roof is fabric this time around, which makes it some 40% lighter than the metal roof on the old M4. BMW is calling it a panel bow soft top, which it says gives the car cleaner lines with the roof down. Judging by these images, we're inclined to agree.

While we're on the subject, the new roof takes just 18 seconds to put up or down at the touch of a button. This can be done at speeds of up to 31mph.

2021 BMW M4 Convertible interior and infotainment

Things are much the same as the standard M4 inside – if you ignore the improved headroom with the roof down, obvs.

You get the same high-quality interior featuring leather, chrome and carbon fibre trim, plus BMW's superb Drive infotainment system is standard along with a set of digital driver's dials.

You also get some of the loveliest seats of any car currently on sale. BMW's carbon bucket seats are electrically adjustable and come in Merino leather standard.

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2021 BMW M4 Convertible practicality and boot space

The BMW M4 Competition will seat four people, although judging by the M4 coupe and previous open-top BMW's of this size, there won't be much room for adults in the back. Legroom will probably be extremely tight and headroom pretty limited with the roof closed.

When driving with the top down, the boot can hold 300 litres of luggage – that's 80 litres more than its predecessor. When it’s closed, the variable soft-top compartment increases load capacity to 385 litres.

2021 BMW M4 Convertible engine and gearbox

The BMW M4 Competition Convertible gets the same twin-turbo 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine as the M4 coupe. In the UK, we will only get the more powerful competition model too.

That means 510hp, 650Nm of torque, a 0-62mph time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 155mph. You can add an option to raise that top speed to 174mph, though.

The gearbox is the same too: an eight-speed M-specific 'box rather than the old car's seven-speed unit.

Removing the roof has forced BMW to add extra bracing to the M4's chassis, front, middle and rear. You get the same trick M xDrive all-wheel-drive system which can be made rear-wheel drive too, plus a sports differential and an M-specific steering tune.

2021 BMW M4 Convertible prices and on-sale date

The BMW M4 Competition Convertible is on sale now, starting from £81,915. Producing will start in July, with first deliveries happening shortly afterwards.

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