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Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge 2021 review: a 402bhp, 257-mile electric beast

It may look like a regular XC40 on the outside, but this family SUV will embarrass most supercars with a 0-62mph time of 4.9 seconds - all in complete silence. The XC40 P8 Recharge is the company's first attempt at a mass-produced electric car and there's no denying it has the numbers to impress. That being said, it faces stiff competition from the new Audi Q4 e-tron, Vw ID.4 and the upcoming Tesla Model Y. It'll even go up against the Polestar 2, a car that shares a lot in common with the XC40 P8 Recharge as Polestar is the electric arm of Volvo. At nearly £50,000 it's certainly on the expensive side, but is it worth it?