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NEW Porsche Boxster 25 years review: the ultimate 718 GTS 4.0?

It may be a Boxster GTS 4.0-litre with some unique styling upgrades, but it could be the best version of the drop-top 718 to buy. That is, if you can get hold of one… As the name suggests, the Boxster 25 years has been built to celebrate the 25th anniversary since the launch of the company’s mid-engined sports car back in 1996. Heavily inspired by the concept, the Boxster 25 gets gold elements at the front and sides of the car, along with a red leather interior with various celebratory badges dotted around. It costs around £6,000 more than the standard GTS 4.0 and there are now performance upgrades, but Porsche claims that it actually adds around £9,000 worth of options. Plus, with only 1,250 being built, it’ll likely hold its value when it comes time to sell. The only hurdle is getting a build slot.