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NEW Nissan Qashqai 2021 review: the crossover king is BACK

Nissan kickstarted the whole crossover craze in 2007, but other family SUVs such as the VW Tiguan and Hyundai Tucson have since joined the fray. Has Nissan done enough to put the Qashqai back on top? It certainly seems so on paper. The new model has been drastically overhauled both inside and out to make it not only a little bit roomier on the inside, but it also feels considerably more premium. Quilted faux leather seats, Japanese-inspired wood trim and a better tech are among the headline features, along with mild hybrid engines and a bigger boot. But the Qashqai faces stiff competition from a host of rivals, so it’ll have to really impress top keep its spot at the head of the crossover pile.