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BMW iX3 2021 review: the best all-round electric SUV?

The iX3 doesn’t look nearly as space-age as the i3 or i4, but the iX3’s mix of performance and range makes it a serious rival to the likes of the Audi e-tron and Mercedes EQC. In true BMW fashion, the iX3 gets a single motor slung over the rear axle. It produces 286hp, which is good for a 0-62mph time of 6.8 seconds, which doesn’t sound all that impressive but most EVs have more shove between 0-30mph. That does mean the iX3 feels considerably quicker than its numbers suggest. The iX3 also offers up a range of up to 285 miles, though that does take a slight dip to 282 miles if you go for the range-topping M Sport Pro package. It’s not cheap, either, coming in at £59,730. So we’re here to find out whether the X3-based electric car is strong enough to take on the very best in the EV SUV market.