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ALL-NEW Kia Sportage Hybrid 2022 UK review: better than a Nissan Qashqai?

Kia's answer to the Qashqai, Ford Kuga and Skoda Karoq feels more sophisticated and premium than ever before - but does it justify a higher price tag? There's certainly a lot to sink your teeth into. It’s built on an all-new platform, bringing with it a 10mm increase in the wheelbase, the car’s height and also its width. The length, meanwhile, is up by 30mm. There's also a huge upgrade on the inside when it comes to tech. Two screens dominate the cabin, along with a really neat touch panel that can work both as a shortcut menu for the infotainment screen and the climate settings. Plus, there are a bunch of hybrid options available, with a full plug-in hybrid coming in April. At £26,000 it costs around £4,000 than the old model - so should you by a new Kia Sportage?