Upcoming Alpina B4 Gran Coupe: spy shots

Rory White

02 Sep 2021

Alpina has got its hands on the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, so a stretched Alpina B4 is coming. Here are the latest shots and everything we know so far.

> Upcoming Alpina B4 Gran Coupe spotted

> Discrete exterior tweaks

> Likely to get twin-turbo straight-six

> Should be revealed Spring 2022

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2022 BMW B4 Gran Coupe: what is it?

Alpina has been taking performance BMWs and making them slightly softer and more luxurious for decades. For many, they're often better than BMW's M Division cars, especially if you don't like hard suspension and stiff sports seats.

The latest crop of BMWs are generally superb and the BMW 4 Series and 4 Series Gran Coupe are no different. But that has never stopped Alpina from having its say.

Here we see the stretched four-door Gran Coupe version of the 4 Series out and about with some light exterior tweaks – mainly some camo on the rear bumper and trademark Alpina quadruple rounded exhaust pipes.

We can also see this test mule wearing different wheels and brakes, although we expect the final cars to wear the iconic Alpina wheels and a slightly more aggressive body kit.

2022 BMW B4 Gran Coupe: what is it powered by?

Alpina usually sticks with BMW's petrol and diesel engines when it goes about its business, which is no surprise, as BMW makes some of the best engines around.

This Alpina B4 Gran Coupe is very likely to get BMW's superb twin-turbo straight-six petrol engine, which the 3 Series-based Alpina B3 gets.

That engine produces 462hp and 700Nm of torque via an eight-speed automatic gearbox, a standard limited-slip differential and BMW's Drive all-wheel drive.

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2022 BMW B4 Gran Coupe: when will it be on sale?

There's no word on when the Alpina B4 Gran Coupe will be on sale just yet, but we'd expect it to be revealed to the world early in Spring 2022.

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2022 BMW B4 Gran Coupe: how much will it cost?

Again, Alpina hasn't released any information about how much the B4 Gran Coupe might cost just yet, but given the B3's current UK pricing we'd expect a price of around £70,000 would be a good guess.

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Rory White

02 Sep 2021