Upcoming 2023 Mini Countryman spy shots

Nick Francis

28 Oct 2021

Pictures captured by YesAuto’s sneaky snappers show the 2023 Mini Countryman is set to grow significantly in size. Here’s everything we know about Mini’s upcoming SUV so far.

> 2023 Mini Countryman prototype spotted testing

> Grown in size thanks to a platform share with BMW X1

> First electric version planned

> Full debut not expected until late 2022

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2023 Mini Countryman: what is it?

The Countryman is the largest model in Mini’s lineup, but even so the current generation is more crossover than it is SUV. This prototype of the third generation Countryman shows it is set to grow significantly in size, as production moves to BMW’s Leipzig factory where it will share a platform with the BMW X1.

The 2023 Countryman will be 190mm longer than the current generation, which will mean more space in the cabin for passengers and more luggage room. 

This test mule is heavily camouflaged but other than the growth spurt it’s clear the design updates will be gradual. The lower front bumper has been redesigned while the C-pillars appear to be thicker.

As we get more photos we will update you here. 

2023 Mini Countryman: what is it powered by?

At the moment Mini will sell you a plug-in hybrid Countryman but that is expected to be dropped and replaced by an electric model. It will form a part of Mini’s strategy to become an all-electric brand by 2030. Mini has pledged to launch its last combustion engine car in 2025.

There’s no official word on range and performance yet, but it should offer at least 250 miles from a full charge. 

Customers will still get the option of a petrol model when the new Countryman is launched though, as well as a choice of front and all-wheel drive models. The entry to the range is expected to be BMW’s 1.5-litre petrol unit which produces 136hp. 

There are rumours of a coupe-style countryman which will only be available as an EV and could even revive the Paceman nameplate, but we’ll have to wait to see if that’s true. 

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2023 Mini Countryman: when will it be on sale?

As you can see from this heavily disguised test mule it’s still early days, we don’t expect an official debut until late 2022. That means it will go on sale either right at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

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2023 Mini Countryman: how much will it cost?

Again, it’s all an educated guess at this point because Mini is being tight lipped. The current Countryman starts at £25,305 but because of the growth in size for the 2023 model we expect prices to also grow to at least £27,000. 

And that’s for the entry petrol model, the electric version will cost over £30,000. 

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Nick Francis

28 Oct 2021