Upcoming 2023 Mercedes EQE SUV: spy shots

Rory White

13 Oct 2021

Mercedes is cracking on with its EVs. Here we see its EQE large SUV out testing before a reveal late next year. We've got the pictures and everything we know below.

> New Mercedes EQE SUV seen testing

> Fully-electric large SUV

> Will likely get battery and interior from EQE saloon

> Should be revealed late in 2022, for 2023 deliveries

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2023 Mercedes EQE: what is it?

Mercedes hasn't been hanging about when it comes to electric cars. Its mid-size SUV EQC has been on sale for years, its small SUV EQA was launched last year and we've already seen its new EQS luxury saloon and EQE mid-size saloon too. Oh, and its EQS SUV, a luxury electric SUV that'll also get an even plusher Maybach version.

So, what's this then? Well, if you've seen some patterns in that list above, you'll have guess that this is an electric SUV that's slightly smaller and less plush than the EQS SUV.

From these images, we can see that it's obviously smaller than the EQS SUV we've already seen, but it has shorter overhangs at the front and rear as well as a more sloping roofline too.

It's difficult to see much beneath the camo, but we can see slimline headlights and taillights, plus we'd be amazed if there aren't light bars that connect them front and back too. It looks like flush door handles that pop out will also feature.

We can't see the interior, but we'd wager it'll look a lot like the one Merc recently revealed for its EQE saloon. For pictures and info on that and everything else EQE saloon, read our full guide.

2023 Mercedes EQE: what is it powered by?

Like the EQE SUV's interior we expect its batteries and motors to be similar to the ones revealed on its EQE saloon.

At launch customers will be able to buy an EQE 350 saloon which uses a single, rear-mounted electric motor producing 292bhp. It’s paired with a 90kWh battery which can offer, Mercedes claims, a very tasty 410-miles of range.

So far we don’t know anything about the performance figures for that EQE saloon because Mercedes hasn’t released them yet. We do know that the EQE 350 supports 170kW charging, which means you can top-up 155-miles of range in just 15 minutes.

Mercedes has already confirmed four-wheel drive EQE saloon models will follow at a later stage, as well as a hot AMG version. If the AMG EQS 53 saloon is anything to go by it could produce as much as 761hp via two electric motors, one on each axle. 

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2023 Mercedes EQE: when will it be on sale?

There are no confirmed dates for the EQE SUV going on sale, but we'd expect it to be revealed in the second half of 2022 and deliveries to start in 2023.

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2023 Mercedes EQE: how much will it cost?

Again, there are no confirmed prices yet for the EQE SUV. However, we think £70,000 would be a good guess as a starting point.

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Rory White

13 Oct 2021