Upcoming 2022 Ferrari Icona: spy shots

Rory White

08 Oct 2021

Crazy mid-engined V12 Ferrari Icona seen testing. Here are the latest spy shots plus everything we know so far.

> New Ferrari Icona seen testing on the road

> Likely to get V12 engine from 812 Competizione

> Based on La Ferrari Aperta – could be an open-top

> Revealed November 2021, priced from around £2m-£3m

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2022 Ferrari Icona: what is it?

The Ferrari Icona could be the last naturally-aspirated Ferrari ever made, as it moves to more hybrid engines and eventually EVs.

The Ferrari Icona will be a mid-engined low-volume model fitted with the V12 engine from the Ferrari 812 Competizione.

Its styling is likely to be hugely influenced by Ferrari 1967 330 P4 race car. Our spy photographer couldn't keep up with the Icona on the road (it's fast, then) so only got these few shots from the rear.

We can see a large wing, slimline rear lights and a central exhaust with what looks to be fairly large exits. Of course, putting all that power down on the road are huge rear tyres.

It's thought the Icona will be based on the same platform as the La Ferrari Aperta, which means it could get a removable roof panel for a wind-in-the-hair experience too.

2022 Ferrari Icona: what is it powered by?

As mentioned, the Icona is likely to get the monstrous 6.5-litre V12 engine from the Ferrari 812 Competizione.

In that car, the engine produces a ridiculous 830hp and 692Nm or torque, but the Icona could see slightly more power than that.

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2022 Ferrari Icona: when will it be on sale?

Ferrari hasn't confirmed when the Icona will be on sale, but we expect it to be revealed in November 2021.

It's worth pointing out that this won't be a Ferrari you can simply walk into a showroom and buy – you'll need to be on an exclusive list of people who have owned and own many Ferraris already.

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2023 Ferrari Icona: how much will it cost?

Low-volume Ferraris are never cheap and the Icona is likely to be one of the most expensive new Ferraris ever. We think it could cost between £2m and £3m when it goes on sale.

Of course, that won't trouble the sort of people being invited to see the Icona to buy one and Ferrari will likely sell all of them in an instant.

Given this could be one of, if not the last naturally aspirated V12 Ferrari ever made, it'll be an instant classic and a shrewd investment if you have the invite and the funds.

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