Upcoming 2022 BMW X1: spy shots

Rory White

02 Sep 2021

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BMW is testing the new X1 before its launch next year. Here are the latest images plus everything we know so far.

> New 2022 BMW X1 spotted

> Likely to be combustion, PHEV and EV versions

> New styling inside and out

> Will be launched late 2022

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2022 BMW X1: what is it?

It's the latest BMW X1, which is a premium family SUV with five seats and a decent boot behind them.

This time around the X1 will get combustion engines, a plug-in hybrid model and a pure electric version that's likely to be called the iX1.

Naturally, this new X1 will get a new look inside and out. We can see from the image below that BMW's latest interior look recently spied in the 2 Series Active Tourer plus its latest infotainment system running the newest version of its Drive software will likely feature.

Interestingly the X1's grille design remains small like the recently revealed 2 Series – BMW hasn't followed its 4 Series' look. There's probably a good reason for that.

We can also see headlights that are close to the set that'll make production, which are similar to those on the latest 3 Series.

2022 BMW X1: what is it powered by?

As mentioned, the new X1 is likely to come as a combustion-engine model, PHEV and EV.

That should mean efficient petrol and diesel versions, a plug-in system similar to the one fitted to the 330e.

It's unlikely a manual gearbox will feature, but you should be able to choose between two and four-wheel drive depending on the model.

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2022 BMW X1: when will it be on sale?

There has been no confirmation on when the X1 will go on sale, but we expect it to be revealed to the public at the end of 2022, which should see it go on sale in the UK soon after.

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2022 BMW X1: how much will it cost?

It's difficult to know what the X1 will cost at this stage given it's so far off, but the current X1 starts from just under £30,000.

We'd expect the new model to start from less than £35,000, but stretch beyond the current most expensive model for the fully electric model – maybe to around £50,000.

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