Upcoming 2022 BMW iX1: spy shots

Rory White

12 Jan 2022

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The electrification at BMW continues with this all-electric version of its X1 family SUV. We have the latest pictures and all the information so far.

> Upcoming BMW iX1 spotted testing

> Fully electric version of BMW's X1 SUV

> Combustion engine and PHEV X1s will also be offered

> Due to be revealed mid-2022.

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2022 BMW iX1 : what is it?

It's the fully electric version of the five-seat family SUV BMW X1, called the BMW iX1.

Just like the fully electric version of the X3, the iX3, the iX1 will get a closed off grille and more aero details like a smoother body kit and alloy wheels to help it achieve a better electric range. Also expect BMW's usual blue accents.

The iX1 is likely to have a smaller battery and thus a shorter range than the iX3, which can travel up to 285 miles on a full charge.

The iX1 is also to get a new interior, like the one already revealed in the BMW 2-Series recently. BMW will continue to offer the BMW x1 with combustion engines and a plug-in hybrid option.

2022 BMW iX1: what is it powered by?

It's too early to know the specific details of the iX1's battery and motor combination, but we can make a guess.

It's probably going to get a smaller battery and shorter range than the larger iX3, but we reckon it'll be a two-wheel-drive model like the iX3 in the name of a better range.

A range of around 250 miles is likely, but BMW's latest battery tech could allow faster charging times for the iX1 than the iX3's.

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2022 BMW iX1: when will it be on sale?

The BMW iX1 is due to be revealed in the first half of 2022 and could go on sale shortly afterwards.

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2022 BMW iX1: how much will it cost?

EV versions of cars are still costing more than their combustion engine cousins. We reckon the iX1 could start from around £45,000-£50,000 when it goes on sale this year.

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Rory White

12 Jan 2022

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