Best SUVs for under £60,000 2021

Nick Francis

24 Sep 2021

A budget of £60,000 gets you a hell of a lot of SUV: here’s our pick of the 10 best for £60K and under.

A budget of £60,000 will buy you a premium SUV which suits your needs without compromise. For this sort of money you can expect great performance, a well-dressed interior and, if needed, seven-seats. We've selected our pick of the best SUVs for £60,000 and under, plus reveal how much you can pick one up second hand on YesAuto.

1. Porsche Macan S: an SUV that drives like a sports car

The Macan S is the SUV for those who still want to have fun on the road once the kids are dropped off safely at school. Porsche’s years of sportscar engineering is evident in the way it holds the road and doesn’t roll in corners, but it also has the best-looking cabin in the class and a superb infotainment system. 

YesAuto’s price range for a used Porsche Macan: £27,995 - £79,040

2. BMW X5: class-leading infotainment system

The BMW X5 is a brilliant large SUV and if you have the budget you won't be disappointed. It has masses of space and the option of seven seats, plus one of the best infotainment systems on sale. It's superb to drive on all roads too.

YesAuto’s price range for a used BMW X5: £10,950 - £84,424

3. Mercedes-Benz GLE: impressive interior with great infotainment system

The Mercedes GLE's cabin isn't quite up to the quality of the X5's, but it's not far off and has a more in-your-face design. It does the important stuff well too, though, like offering lots of room, the option of seven seats and great engines. Its drive places emphasis on comfort, too, which is great.

YesAuto’s price range for a used Mercedes-Benz GLE: £25,190 - 80,000

4. Audi Q7: premium seven-seater with real kerb appeal

The Audi Q7 has been around for a little while now, but is still one of the best large SUVs. You get seven seats, a very high-quality interior, beautifully smooth engines and a plush drive. Its infotainment system isn't the easiest to use while driving, but it has all the latest tech on board.

YesAuto's price range for a used Audi Q7: £7,490 - £56,995

5. Volvo XC90: Scandi cool design and room for seven

Like the Q7, the Volvo XC90 is no spring chicken, but it still turns heads like it did the day it was launched. It has a gorgeous interior, too, plus some of the roomiest third-row seats in the business. Its infotainment system is feeling old, but a comfy drive and efficient engines will take your mind off it.

YesAuto's price range for a used Volvo XC90: £28,480 - £58,990

6. Jaguar F-Pace: a true driver's SUV

A recent update addressed the F-Pace’s only shortfalls, which were a clunky infotainment system and a boring interior. Now equipped with JLR’s Pivi Pro system as part of a thorough makeover for the cabin, this is one of the most luxurious SUVs for the price. It’s also wonderful to drive and comes in a range of great engines. 

YesAuto's price range for a used Jaguar F-Pace: £18,500 - £40,500

7. Land Rover Discovery: go-anywhere and do it in style

For those who need to transport seven people across the roughest terrain, the Land Rover Discovery was made to do just that. It can handle Chelsea too, mind, and looks the part outside the farm or Fortnum & Mason. There are better infotainment systems, but otherwise, the Discovery is comfy, quiet, spacious and great to drive.

YesAuto's price range for a used Land Rover Discovery: £8,995 - £70,000

8. Alfa Romeo Stelvio: beautiful Italian design and great to drive

Another great driver’s SUV, the Stelvio is a lot of fun on the road but it’s also oozing in Italian style. In fact we would argue it’s the best-looking car on this list. It also comes with a raft of driver assistance systems which take the strain out of long journeys. The interior build quality could be better but it all looks lovely. 

YesAuto's price range for a used Alfa Romeo Stelvio: £24,990 - £72,995

9. Range Rover Velar: plug-in hybrid offers reduced running costs

A budget of £60,000 affords you the plug-in hybrid version of the Velar in R-Dynamic trim. Not only is the engine punchy but it has enough electric range to cover the average commute, and more than enough for day-to-day driving tasks such as running to the shops. The interior is spacious and thoughtfully designed, and the infotainment system is as good as anything from one of the German brands. 

YesAuto's price range for a used Range Rover Velar: £35,000 - £50,950

10. Volkswagen Touareg: R-Line trim comes with loads of tech 

Big, comfortable and powered by a smooth but punchy V6 engine, the Touareg offers just about everything a large family could want from a car. Again, with £60K to play with you can shop in the higher trim levels. The R-Line trim not only looks great but comes with four-way climate control, park assist, an electric tailgate and adaptive cruise control. 

YesAuto's price range for a used Volkswagen Touareg: £23,975 - £42,501

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Nick Francis

24 Sep 2021