Best small SUVs 2021

Rory White

04 Oct 2021

There was a time not long ago when small SUVs weren't even a thing. Now, they're everywhere. If you're in the market, here are the top 10 best on sale.

1. Skoda Kamiq

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The Skoda Kamiq is based on the same underpinnings as the brilliant VW T-Cross, but comes with a lower price. The fact is, though, it doesn't feel like the cheaper car inside and provides all of the VW's space, practicality, great engines and infotainment. It isn't quite as comfy to drive, but otherwise, if you aren't bothered about a badge, it's a superb small SUV.

2. Peugeot 2008

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The Peugeot 2008 turns heads on the high street like no other small SUV and that stylish look continues on the inside. It's got the latest tech inside and there's a range of strong yet efficient engines to choose from, but remember there's a fully electric version too. The only downside is its relatively tight rear space.

3. Volkswagen T-Cross

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The Volkswagen T-Cross is a superb small SUV, because it was one of the first to feel like a much larger car to drive. It's comfortable, quiet and comes with great engines. You're also treated the some of the best infotainment in a small SUV. Only its slightly drab cabin lets it down.

4. Renault Captur

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The Renault Captur is striking to look at and is genuinely fun to drive with precise steering and some peppy engines that don't drink too much fuel. It's also practical, with sliding rear seats and a decent boot. It's just a shame its infotainment system leaves a lot to be desired.

5. Ford Puma

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Those who put a grin-inducing drive first will want to drive the Ford Puma. Ford has worked its magic and built a small SUV that feels just as close to a low-slung family hatch as is possible. The Puma corners sweetly and comes with some great little engines that punch above their weight. There are more spacious small SUVs for rear passengers, mind.

6. Kia Soul EV

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When it comes to electric cars, Kia has been leading the way for some time. Its brilliant e-Niro is a bit larger, but this Kia Soul EV is based on the same battery and motor tech, with a smaller but more stylish body.

The Soul EV is capable of up to 280 miles on a charge, which puts most other small electric small SUVs to shame. It can also be charged at 100kW meaning 10-80% in around half an hour is possible with the right charger.

7. Hyundai Bayon

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The Hyundai Bayon is Hyundai's second small SUV, but it's a more sensible package than Hyundai's stylish Kona. That means more interior space and a bigger boot, but the same frugal engines and comfy drive. The Bayon comes loaded with equipment for a fair price too.

8. Nissan Juke

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The only other small SUV here to give the 2008 a run for its money in the looks department. The Juke was a smash hit in its previous generation but now has more competition. Still, it has grown up in size, space, infotainment and interior quality, so offers a rounded package for small SUV buyers. There's only one engine option, though.

9. Seat Arona

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The Seat Arona is one of the best looking small SUVs around, plus one of the sharpest to drive. It comes with the choice of three petrol engines, none of which will cost you much to run, and there's lots of space for people and luggage inside too.

10. Honda Jazz Crosstar

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The Honda Jazz Crosstar rides slightly higher than a standard Jazz and comes with chunkier wheel-arch cladding. It gets the same Tardis-like interior space and clever folding and flip-up rear seats, plus Honda's super-efficient petrol hybrid engine.


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Rory White

04 Oct 2021