Best family hatchbacks 2021

Rory White

09 Sep 2021

If you're not convinced you need an SUV, there are a plethora of brilliant family hatchbacks waiting for you. Here are the top 10 best on sale right now.

1. Skoda Octavia

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The Skoda Octavia is Skoda doing what it does best – offering more kit and space than the competition for the same if not less money. The Octavia is huge inside so will have no problems keeping up with a family's needs, plus is great to drive and comes with all the latest tech and infotainment tech. A Golf is slightly comfier, but the margins are tiny.

2. Volkswagen Golf

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The VW Golf is a hatchback icon for good reason. It has consistently offered great space, practicality and quality over its eight generations. This latest model is the best yet, with a slick cabin, decent infotainment and the latest safety equipment. An Octavia has even more space, but few will be left wanting with the Golf.

3. Seat Leon

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If you find the Golf's looks a little tedious, Seat has you covered. The Seat Leon has similar levels of space, practicality, safety and infotainment to the VW, but comes with a sharper exterior look. OK, so its interior isn't quite as plush in areas, but it's hardly bad, and again, is easier on the eye in terms of design.

4. Ford Focus

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The Ford Focus has long been the best-driving family hatch. Fine, you aren't going to be hacking it down country lanes with the kids, but if you like a sharp drive and commute on your own during the week, the Focus will be more fun than most. Its cabin feels cheap in places, but the Focus is keenly priced, well equipped and practical, so has the important bases covered.

5. Toyota Corolla

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If you aren't ready to go full electric and like the idea of hybrid power, the Toyota Corolla is the best hybrid hatch around. It's good to drive, but also very efficient when driven carefully. Its infotainment system is pretty ordinary, but Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, plus you'll fit the kids and luggage inside it no problem.

6. Audi A3

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If you like the finer things in life, the Audi A3 makes a great family hatch with a premium feel. It'll cost more to buy than most, but it feels expensive inside and to drive. It still has the cabin space and boot to satisfy a family, though, plus a plug-in-hybrid version for those with the charging access.

7. Skoda Scala

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Another Skoda, but the Skoda Scala is another cracking family car. We think it's worth spending the small extra on the Octavia if you can, but if you can't, the cheaper Scala still offers acres of space and the same clever Skoda practicality touches. Even its infotainment is much the same, plus it's still very good to drive for the money.

8. BMW 1 Series

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BMW's first front-wheel-drive 1 Series, but still a superb car to drive down a country road. It isn't as comfy as some other as a result, but not appallingly so, and it makes up for it with one of the best infotainment systems on sale – BMW's Drive. There's also generous space and a decent boot.

9. Hyundai Ioniq 5

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The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has made quite the entrance. It has concept-car looks inside and out, is hugely spacious and an impressive range of up to 298 miles if you go for the model with the larger battery. It'll also charge at up to 350kW if you can find the right charger, which is usually the preserve of far more expensive EVs.

10. Volkswagen ID.3

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The Volkswagen ID.3 is a great electric car, but it's also a brilliant family hatchback. There are three battery sizes to choose from, with ranges of up to 340 miles, which should be more than enough for commuting and holidays away. It'll seat a family of four no problem, and take their luggage for a week away too.

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Rory White

09 Sep 2021