The Tech of the Genesis GV70 Explained


27 Sep 2021

From electronically controlled suspension that reads the road ahead to augmented reality satellite navigation, we deep dive into the tech of the new Genesis GV70

The 2022 Genesis GV70 scored big with our reviewers here at YesAuto, with praise heaped upon its luxurious interiors, comfortable driving experience and truckloads of tech that come part and parcel with even the most “basic” models in the Genesis line-up.

If you’re not fully tuned into the automotive world, you’ll need reminding that Genesis is Hyundai’s premium brand, which has made waves in South Korea (it’s home turf), the Far East and the United States, but is now coming to Europe and UK for the first time. That’s good news, because it offers consumers another choice when considering a premium SUV or saloon… and a recommendable choice at that.  

We’ve already jumped behind the wheel of the larger G80 and GV80, but recently got the chance to sample the slightly smaller G70 and GV70 - both positively bristling with cutting-edge technology. Some of which needs a little further explanation.

So read on if your interest is piqued at the thought of augmented reality navigation and a suspension system that scans the road ahead thousands of times a second to make minute adjustments to the damping.

Watch our full Genesis GV70 review HERE

Augmented Reality Display

The high definition 14.5-inch split-screen infotainment display that sits proudly in the centre console of the GV70’s dashboard is crystal clear, quick to operate and packing the sort of flashy graphics touted by the likes of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW et al. But here, Genesis has been able to beam digital graphics on top of a live image feed that is taken from a front-facing camera.

So when using the Genesis Sat Nav system, it’s possible to overlay turn-by-turn notifications on top of a real image of the road ahead, making navigating that bit easier. It works particularly well in busy area, like congested cities, where small side streets come at the drive thick and fast. Receiving turn directions in real time over a real image is a neat tech trick that actually works.

Three-dimensional Driver information Display 

Customers can upgrade to the same 3D driver information display that was first introduced on the GV80, which comprises a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster with a 3D function that makes it look like information is physically popping out from the screen.

This is thanks to cameras that are mounted in the the information cluster that monitor the driver’s eye movements to ensure information in always in the line of sight. This information changes with the driving mode (Eco, Comfort and Sport) but is great when teamed up with the lane departure warning, showing when the car is starting out of its lane in real time, as well as blind spot monitoring and forward collision alerts. Those same eye-monitoring cameras can make sure the driver is paying attention to the road ahead, and not dozing off.

Road Preview System

Although not a world first (Rolls-Royce debuted a similar idea in its “Flagbearer” system on the latest Ghost), Genesis aims to roll with the big guns by offering a ride that is as plush and silky smooth as those offered by the big German players.

To do this, Genesis employs what it calls “Road Preview” technology, which uses a forward-facing camera to constantly scan the road ahead and, coupled with the Electronically Controlled Suspension, can prime the adaptive dampers for potholes, speed bumps and other such nasties that generally spoil the ride.

Rear Occupant Alert

In order to mitigate the issue of leaving a passenger in the rear seats, which must happen a lot in South Korea and the USA (?!), Genesis has implemented its Rear Occupant Alert here in Europe too. Essentially, it knows when there is a living being in the rear seats thanks to a series of ultra sonic sensors that constantly scan for life.

If the driver fails to notice the alert to check the rear seats, which is displayed on the digital instrument cluster, the car will continue to monitor for minute movements on the rear seats, whether that’s a child or even a pet.

If it picks up signals, it will then warn the blissfully unaware driver with a sound of the horn, a blast of the emergency lights and even a text message, thanks to the fact the Genesis GV70 comes complete with a SIM card to enable a constantly connected experience. 

Highway Drive Assist II

This suite of technology harnesses the power of several cameras and exterior sensors to allow highly advanced levels of cruise control and semi-autonomous driving. When everything is switched on, the futon facing camera will detect lane marking and automatically keep the car centred in a lane, even when driving through twists and turns.

It’s also possible to hit the Smart Cruise Control function and have the vehicle aim to keep a set speed, which is easily adjusted via a rotary dial on the wheel. If the traffic slows ahead, the Genesis G70 will also bleed off speed. When the traffic picks up again, so does the car. Again, it’s not ground-breaking technology but it certainly competes with some of the best that’s currently on the market. 


27 Sep 2021