Plybertruck is a hilarious wooden homage to Tesla Cybertruck

John Mahoney

29 Aug 2021

Also operates under the alias of the Cedartuck, Cyberchuck, or Model Tree created for just £370

With the real Tesla Cybertruck delayed until at least 2022, those who are desperate for the arrival of the boxy, wedge-shaped all-electric pick-up truck are taking matters into their own hands.


That includes going ahead and creating their own take on the stainless steel truck. One such enthusiast includes CJ Cromwell who has recently charted the build of his Plybertruck that was made to compete in the 500-mile Gambler 500 rally.


Since the rules of the eccentric American road rally dictate that entrants can only spend $500 (£370) to purchase an entry vehicle, it meant fancy material like the metallic finish favoured on both the real Cybertruck and DeLorean, plus the Tesla's bulletproof glass were out of the question.


Instead, once most of the Acura MDX SUV's body was hacked off a wooden exterior was fashioned in a bid to pay homage to the Tesla.


The result is, to put it kindly, a little wonky and beneath its lumber exterior isn't an advanced triple-motor pure-electric powertrain pushing out more than 1000bhp.


Instead, it's thought the Plybertruck has to make do with its thirsty 3.5-litre V6 petrol that pushes out around 240bhp and can haul itself to 60mph in 7.1 seconds.


That's pretty disappointing compared to the concept for Tesla that can hit 60mph in an extremely rapid 2.9 seconds.


Despite delayed, the real Tesla Cybertruck is still available to pre-order with a refundable deposit of $100 (£72), although its debut in Europe remains doubtful, partly because industry experts have suggested the six-metre-long pick-up's design will not pass current pedestrian impact crash tests needed for EU type approval.


If, somehow, a huge redesign is undertaken and a smaller version capable of passing crash tests, the Ford Ranger-rivalling pick-up could be priced from around £31,000.


Until that happens, expect other DIY-happy enthusiasts to go ahead, get stuck in and continue to create weird and slightly wonderful creations like the Plybertruck.

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John Mahoney

29 Aug 2021