Otofix D1 Pro review


25 Mar 2022

The ultimate tool for the modern workshop.SPONSORED

Back in the olden days, all you needed to fix a car was a spanner, a hammer and maybe a screwdriver. They were more simple times, but then cars were also much more simple back then. Today your average vehicle is loaded with sensors, onboard computers and endless systems that make them more efficient and ultimately safer. While you’ll still need a socket set for the oily bits, something like the Otofix D1 Pro is an essential tool for the modern workshop.

What is it? 

Otofix has a wide range of diagnostic products, but the D1 Pro is the daddy of them all. It is the most capable offering that easily enables you to interact with any troublesome vehicle’s electronic brain with ease. Packaged in an almost bomb-proof clad case, you’ll find a smart tablet and handy OBD II companion device.

The large 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet provides a slick and responsive interface to give commands and receive critical diagnostic data. This larger display makes for an easy tool to use with more vivid text and neat graphics. Powered by Android 9, the fit for purpose tablet is wrapped in a durable rubber that will happily do battle on the rough and tumble of a workbench.

Also in the reinforced briefcase is the OBD II companion. It plugs directly into your car’s port and wirelessly connects to the tablet. These ports are often a bit fiddly to access, so this gadget’s built-in LED light makes life much easier. It talks to the car, obtains information, and wirelessly transmits the data to the tablet where it’s displayed in a format a human being can actually understand – not just random codes.

How can it help?

Just like its D1 siblings, the Pro can obtain vehicle error codes from dozens of different manufacturers and display them in plain English to the user. These codes can then be cleared to see if there are any repeat offenders that need tackling. Support for manufacturers is huge with brands as common as BMW featured alongside Bugatti.

The various diagnostic tests will help you pinpoint exactly what is wrong with the vehicle, and thanks to 128GB of storage, you can capture this data and save it for later. Better than just running these tests, you can actively control various systems for testing via bi-directional control. These capabilities would typically see customers go to main dealers and be charged a fortune, and so offering this service in your workshop could be game-changing.

If you’re still struggling to resolve an issue, you can access Autel MaxiFix, an online service that hosts various guides and the ability to request remote support from an expert. Here’s where the 16M camera on the tablet comes in very helpful as you can literally show the live expert what you’re seeing.

In addition to these advanced features, the Otofix D1 Pro can perform many maintenance and servicing tasks. It goes beyond simply extinguishing oil service lights and can assess everything from ABS, help maintain the all-important DPF filters, and even apply coding when injectors are replaced. There’s a whole horde of other servicing functions that go far beyond what many competitor devices offer.

Should I buy one?

Otofix’s D1 range caters to all needs, but the D1 Pro would be an impressive tool for professionals. Its large screen makes for easy operation, while its functionality provides just about every service you could want from a diagnostic tool. Where the D1 Lite fits the needs of its user, the D1 Pro covers all of the bases. This Pro is also substantially more powerful.

Otofix D1 Pro specifications

Screen: 10.1-inch LCD

Operating System: Android 10.0

Processor: Kryo Gold 2.2ghz


Camera: 16M

Memory: 128GB



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25 Mar 2022