Otofix D1 Pro diagnostics tool: everything you need to know


28 Mar 2022

The Otofix D1 Pro is the ultimate diagnostics tool for car mechanics and engineers. As part of YesAuto’s partnership with Autel, the company behind the Otofix range of tools, here we explain why the D1 Pro is a must-have for any workshop. SPONSORED

Otofix D1 Pro: what is it?

The Otofix D1 Pro is the ultimate diagnostics tool that has the power to enhance and broaden the number of services a workshop can offer customers. Cars these days are run by complex computers – when something goes wrong it’s no longer a case of getting underneath the engine and having a look around for the fault.

The D1 Pro plugs into the computer’s ECU – effectively its digital brain – and quickly diagnoses what’s wrong with the car or why an error code is showing. It has the ability to clear these codes if they are displaying incorrectly or the fault has been fixed.

Because the D1 Pro has 128GB of memory you can store a car’s details to refer back to later or create a report that can be shared with the customer.

What sets the D1 Pro apart from other diagnostics tools is the fact that it is bi-directional, which means it can actively control systems on a car for the purposes of testing. This sort of service is usually offered by main dealerships and can cost customers a fortune. Offering this level of testing will be very appealing to customers who don’t want to pay a premium for taking their car back to the manufacturer.

In total, there are 36 service functions the D1 Pro can perform and it is compatible with every major model and manufacturer, plus as new models are released it can be updated so it is always current. 

You can read our review of the D1 Pro here.

Otofix D1 Pro: how does it work?

The D1 Pro is incredibly simple to use. Opening the reinforced case, you will find a tablet with a high-res 10.1-inch screen that is powered by Android. With it comes a dongle that plugs directly into a car’s OBD-II port, the portal to the car’s ECU.

The dongle connects wirelessly with the tablet so there are no messy cables or wires to get in the way, and all the information and controls are run from the tablet. The dongle even has a built-in LED light to help find a car’s OBD-II port, which is often tucked away and tricky to locate.

The tablet displays the car’s faults in easy-to-read descriptions, rather than baffling error codes.

Another unique feature of the D1 Pro is something called Autel MaxiFix, which is an online service that hosts various guides on how to diagnose and fix errors, plus remote support for live help. The tablet includes a 16M camera so you can show literally show the live expert what you are looking at. 

Both the tablet and the dongle are encased in durable materials designed to withstand the rough and tumble of workshop life, and they are transported easily in a reinforced briefcase which means you can perform the same functions anywhere, not just the workshop. 

Check out the instructional video below or click here to watch videos on all of Otofix’s tools.

Otofix D1 Pro: who is it made by?

The Otofix D1 Pro is ultimately made by a company called Autel.

Even if you don’t know the name Autel, the chances are your car has at some point benefited from Autel’s technology. Autel specialises in the kind of automotive tech that keeps cars on the road, enabling engineers and mechanics to diagnose problems with a vehicle and get it fixed in the most efficient way.

Otofix is the name for Autel’s range of automotive tools aimed at professional workshops and home mechanics alike, including the BT1 Lite.

Autel’s products are sold in over 70 countries, including Great Britain, China, America and Australia. Its diagnostic tools are class-leading and found in more than 500,000 independent vehicle repair shops across the globe. Put simply, when there’s something wrong with your car, Autel has the tool that can identify the problem and get it back on the road ASAP. 

But it’s much more than that. Over 60 per cent of Autel’s employees work in the research and development (R&D) arm of the company, working on everything from battery and charging technology for electric cars to autonomous driving solutions. Autel has R&D centres in Silicon Valley, Munich and Shenzen.

Since it was founded in 2004 Autel has received 1040 domestic and foreign patents and has won almost 100 awards and honours, including the VISION Best New Product in the United States award and no less than 13 Red Dot Awards, known as Oscars in the world of product design.

Otofix D1 Pro: how can I buy one?

The Otofix D1 Pro is available to order now from Otofix’s European website here. 

Otofix offers free shipping to European customers.

*This article is sponsored by Autel

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28 Mar 2022