Otofix BT1 Professional Battery Tester review: sponsored


23 Dec 2021

Battery testing can be a bit tricky, so we check out the Otofix BT1 to find out if things can be made easy.

Car batteries can be surprisingly fragile things, degrading over time or suddenly being killed off by the cold. There can be many reasons for your battery not holding its charge, and diagnosing this is often tricky. For those looking for a professional solution, the Otofix BT1 might be right for you. 

What is it?

The Otofix BT1 Professional Battery Tester is an intelligent battery testing and diagnostic tool that can help the user work out the current health of a battery, check electrical systems, and even run a full diagnostic via its OBD companion tool.

Inside the hardy toolbox – that has clearly been designed to withstand a tough life inside a workshop – is all you need. The central piece is a smart gadget featuring a 5.5-inch touchscreen that serves as your key interface. Trimmed in a rubberised jacket for protection against knocks and scuffs, the smart device is a durable little thing. Its software is based upon the Android 9 operating system and has been customised to be easy to use. Clear visuals help guide the user to what they are looking for, and inputs are rapidly translated into results by the responsive screen. The BT1 also has a built-in printer to provide a breakdown of tests conducted for customers or your own records.

There’s also a set of leads to attach to the positive and negative terminals of a battery, something critical to supplying live data to the smart device. However, there’s also an OBD II companion that can be paired to run a whole host of diagnostic tests on the vehicle’s systems. A nice touch is the built-in LED light that really helps when plugging into the often difficult to reach port. 

How can it help?

There’s actually a lot of different things the BT1 can do that would be a real asset to just about any workshop. By clamping the leads to a battery, gathering the correct information via the battery’s barcode, and running a battery test, the BT1 can give you an almost instant reading for voltage and its state of health. A full test can then be run to check the starter motor and the generator. This should give you a good idea of what could be causing any issues. It can also help with battery resets and registration after replacement.

Just like some other Otofix products, the BT1 can additionally run a diagnostic test on other car systems via the OBD II tool. Just plug it in, pair it, then select what you want it to do. You can view error codes and clear them. Over 80 manufacturers are supported and the database is continuously added to and updated.

The BT1, via a subscription, can also access online guides and even request remote support. That’s where its 8MP camera comes in handy as it allows you to show the expert what you are seeing.

Should I buy one?

For professionals looking to make life easier when diagnosing battery or other electrical issues with a car, the BT1 fits the bill. It’s easy to operate nature makes it hassle-free, and the fount of knowledge available from the device should make fixes much faster. The ability to print out tests in a format that customers can understand is also a great asset to have.

For more casual users, the BT1 Lite might be a better option, taking advantage of an existing smartphone for its interface.

The BT1 is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Otofix BT1 specifications

Screen: 5.5-inch LCD

Operating System: Android 9

Camera: 8MP



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23 Dec 2021