New 2022 MOKE Electric: everything you need to know

Rory White

14 Oct 2021

The MOKE is going all-electric for 2022. Here are the latest pictures and everything we know so far.

> MOKE now fully EV company

> New MOKE Electric to be built in the UK

> Orders now open

> First deliveries in Summer 2022

> Prices start at £29,150 before taxes and grants

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2022 MOKE Electric design

The Mini MOKE was originally designed by the same chap who designed the original Mini – Sir Alec Issigonis. It was first thought it'd be good for military use, but when they didn't want it, the MOKE was offered as a cool, stripped-back, open-top Mini for popping to the beach in.

That was back in the late 1960's and the MOKE was built and sold in various places across the globe. In 2017, a new company called MOKE International was formed to revive the MOKE and offer a more modern take on this iconic classic car.

Now, the MOKE is going electric-only, ditching its combustion engine power for good. Built in Northamptonshire, the MOKE retains a lot of what made the classic so iconic, such as the lack of doors, snub nose with eye-like headlights and cheeky grille.

Of course, the roll bars are still present and correct and so too are a spare wheel at the back and flared arches housing simple steel wheels. You can reserve your MOKE in one of five different colours.

2022 MOKE Electric interior and infotainment

The MOKE is an extremely simple vehicle, and as such, has very little going on in its interior.

In fact, it's not exactly an interior, given the MOKE is designed to be completely open. Only a simple bit of fabric can be stretched across from the windscreen to the rearmost roof bars.

Inside you'll find a steering wheel, indicator stalk, a central circular speedometer like the original Mini and a pair of speakers, one at either side of the dashboard.

If there are speakers, that means there's a radio, but that'll be your lot. Don't expect Apple CarPlay here.

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2022 MOKE Electric practicality and boot space

The MOKE exists to be fun, not to be practical. As such, you get four seats with enough space around them to carry four adults with ease, but no storage cubbies onboard and no boot. Luggage goes on your lap or in the footwell.

2022 MOKE Electric batteries, motors and range

The MOKE Electric's battery size hasn't been disclosed just yet, but it can be charged fully in four hours via a Type 2 port under a flap on its flank and has a motor on its rear axle.

Because the MOKE Electric weighs just 800kg, it can sprint from 0-34mph in 4.5 seconds and carry on to a maximum speed of 62mph.

MOKE says it has a range of around 89 miles, or five round trips from Cap Ferrat to Monaco. So, we're clear on the sort of people who will be buying them then.

The MOKE Electric brings some engineering advancements with it too, such as an upgraded brake system, regenerative braking capability, power-steering and a heated windscreen.

2022 MOKE Electric prices and on-sale date

The MOKE Electric is on sale now. If you want a petrol MOKE instead, you'll have to get your reservation in before 1 January 2022.

The MOKE Electirc starts from £29,150 before taxes and grants and deliveries will take place in Summer 2022.

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Rory White

14 Oct 2021