New 2022 Honda HR-V: everything you need to know

Tyler Heatley

04 Oct 2021

The list of small SUVs is too long to fit here, but there's another one to consider if you're in the market: the Honda HR-V. Here's everything you need to know about it.

> New 2022 Honda HR-V revealed

> Twin-motor hybrid system as standard

> Coupe shape but spacious interior

> 9-inch infotainment screen as standard

> On sale 3rd August, from £26,960 or £269pm

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2022 Honda HR-V design

Honda didn’t want to go with the widely accepted evolutionary design of a successful product – it sold over 3.8 million old HR-Vs since 2013 – instead, the Japanese marque started with a clean sheet of paper. This all-new HR-V might share the same width and length as its predecessor, but its design is very different.

It’s a much more mature take on the compact crossover, a car that ditches the attention-seeking styling that has become typical in this class for something smooth and flowing. There are no hard edges or dramatic creases here, instead, there are subtle curves and suggestion lines.

A pair of slim headlights and a uniform body-coloured grille form the new HR-Vs face. This model features 10mm more ground clearance than before and some more rugged plastic cladding contributes to an added sense of capability. It’s no off-roader but does interestingly come equipped with hill descent control.

2021 Honda HR-V interior and infotainment

The cabin also sees a dramatic redesign with a big emphasis on ergonomics and space.

A minimalist take helps boost a sense of openness in what appears to be another durable interior from Honda. Some glossy materials add a premium element to the environment, but more impressive is the retention of physical air conditioning controls as opposed to virtual alternatives.

There are various cabin trims that range in tone from cream to black, but there’s also the option to add distinctive orange accents – if you’re brave enough that is. Customisation is a big part of SUV ownership, and while Honda doesn’t offer a range as extravagant as others, buyers will appreciate the choice to make a new car more their own. Previously black, silver and red accents have been offered on the Honda Civic.

There’s a new 9-inch touchscreen infotainment display that runs Honda’s latest software. It’s said to have an improved user interface with fewer menus, and be 50% faster than what came before. It’ll also support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the latter wirelessly. The driver gets a 7-inch TFT display within the instrument binnacle.

Honda is well known for its strong build quality and hardy design. While we have yet to sample the HR-V for ourselves, there’s some familiar switchgear and material choices that we know have stood the test of time in other models.

Honda Sensing – a series of safety systems – has been enhanced and is now more responsive. New sensors and a camera enable more reactive safety systems and better active cruise control.

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2022 Honda HR-V practicality and boot space

Honda is making a big thing of the HR-V's interior space. In fact, a representative claimed that it actually has space equivalent to that of the next class above.

There’s 35mm more legroom in the back for rear passengers, and we see the return of Honda’s clever magic seats. These posts can fold flat like a regular seat, but also have the ability to stow just the base like a cinema seat. This enables large items to be restored centrally in the car without compromising boot space at all.

Boot space has yet to be announced, but the cargo space features a nice flat floor with no load lip and a larger aperture. There’s also handy 60:40 split-folding rear seats for added versatility, however, under-floor storage is lacking due to the rear electrical components.

In addition to a power tailgate on some models, there’s also a new ‘walk away’ function that will automatically close the boot should you wander away from it.

2022 Honda HR-V engine

The all-new Honda HR-V will be sold as a hybrid only – just like the new Honda Jazz. Honda is committing to a totally electrified lineup by 2022, and the HR-V is a big part of that. It is powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine, but that’s supplemented by a pair of electric motors. Total output is 129bhp and 253Nm of torque.

This is not a plug-in hybrid, and so the battery is charged via regenerative braking and the engine serving as a generator. In fact, the engine rarely directly drives the wheels, with the electric motors providing the shove unless additional power is required. It’s a similar setup to what you’ll find in the new Honda Jazz, but this system’s battery features more cells – 60 verses 48 in the Jazz. There is a series of selectable drive modes as well as a dedicated setting for the strongest regenerative braking.

There’s no word on MPG, performance or emissions as yet, but we will update this page once we have more information.

2022 Honda HR-V prices and on-sale date

The Honda HR-V goes on sale on 3rd August 2021. It's priced from £26,960 or £269pm for the entry-level Elegance model, which comes with things like LED headlights, heated front seats, 18-inch alloy wheels and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity as standard.

The HR-V tops out at £31,660 for the range-topping Advance Style model.

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Tyler Heatley

04 Oct 2021