New 2022 Caterham Seven 170: everything you need to know

Rory White

23 Sep 2021

The Caterham Seven 170 is the new entry point to the Caterham range. Here's everything you need to know about it.

> New entry point to the Caterham range revealed

> 85hp three-cylinder engine

> Weighs just 440kg

> 6.9 seconds to 62mph, 100mph+ top speed

> On sale now from £22,990

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2022 Caterham Seven 170 design

It's perhaps no surprise that this latest Caterham looks very much like a, well, err, Caterham. Because they sort of all do, and always have done.

However, that makes them extremely light and nimble, and because Caterham is now owned by a Japanese company and this new 170 model achieve Kei car status, it's the smallest model Caterham on sale.

It's a massive 105mm narrower than any other current Caterham, and weighs as little as 440kg in its most basic form, giving it a power to weight ratio of 170bhp-per-tonne and hence its name.

You also get a set of skinnier tyres than the rest of the range and live rear axle suspension. There's also unique alloy wheels, rear LED lights and a new stripe design.

Buyers then get a choice of two specifications – an S model for a more road focused set-up, or an R that's better suited to track driving.

The S comes with a five-speed gearbox, road suspension pack, 14” Silver Juno alloy wheels, full windscreen and weather gear including a hood and side screen, black leather seats, a Momo steering wheel and in a choice of four paint colours.

The R then gets comes with a five-speed gearbox, sport suspension pack, 14” Black Juno alloy wheels, composite race seats, a four-point race harness, limited-slip differential, Momo steering wheel, carbon-fibre dashboard and four paint options.

2022 Caterham Seven 170 interior and infotainment

Not much to talk about here, because this is a Catherham.

As such, the 170 will seat two people only and due to its Kei car status, will be a fairly narrow – Caterham does do wide-body models for extra comfort.

Other than that its the usual Caterham design, with easy-to-read analogue dials, a big red starter button, some guages and various very simply flick switches.

Infotainment? Nope. None.

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2022 Caterham Seven 170 practicality and boot space

As mentioned, this is a strict two-seater with a narrower body than most other Caterham models, so it'll be a bit of a squeeze for the tall or, err, wide.

Don't expect much in the way of storage inside, nor boot space. Officially you get 120 litres in a Catheram behind the seats, but once you've stowed the roof this does reduce.

2022 Caterham Seven 170 engine and gearbox

The 170 comes with a turbocharged 660cc three-cylinder petrol engine borrowed from Suzuki. It makes 85hp and 116Nm of torque, which doesn't sound much, but remember the 170 weights as little as 440kg.

All models get a five-speed manual gearbox, which operated quickly, allows a 0-62mph time of 6.9 seconds. Keep your toe in and apparently more than 100mpbh is possible.

2022 Caterham Seven 170 prices and on-sale date

The Caterham Seven 170 is on sale now, and starts from £22,990 for a kit you assemble yourself. You can also have this for as little as £199 per month after a £6312.30 deposit via finance.

However, if you don't trust your DIY skills, you can have Caterham build it instead, which'll cost an extra £2395.

The S model is the standard spec, so you pay no extra for that, but if you want the track-focused R model you'll need to add another £1000 to the bill.

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