Five things you can do with the Otofix D1 Lite


22 Feb 2022

The Otofix D1 Lite is the car mechanic’s best friend, here are five ways in which it could improve your workshop life: SPONSORED

As cars become increasingly complex, so does diagnosing and repairing mechanical issues with them. But that’s where the Otofix D1 Lite diagnostics tool makes things as simple as possible.

The D1 Lite is a tablet-style device paired with a Bluetooth enabled dongle that plugs into a car’s OBD II port, essentially accessing the car’s computerised ‘brain’, and runs an instant scan to identify any issues the car may have. It can perform 30 service functions in total.

These are displayed as error codes that tell a mechanic exactly what the problem is so it can then be dealt with. Using the D1 Lite, the error codes can then be cleared, once the issue is fixed or if the car is showing a false error code. 

The 7-inch tablet itself is powered by Android and is made to stand up to the rigours of workshop life with a durable design that includes a rubberised casing. It’s also compact and lightweight so it can be taken away from the workshop for work on the move.   

Because the dongle is Bluetooth enabled there’s no need for messy cables, and there’s even a built-in LED light to help find a car’s OBD II port, which is often tucked away in a dark crevice.

The D1 Lite is compatible with more than 80 different vehicles, and that number is growing all the time because the D1 Lite offers software updates, which means it’s always current with new car models coming to market. 

The software update subscription is free for the first year of ownership and the D1 Lite is compatible with European, American and Asian vehicles.

Here are five key functions performed by the Otofix D1 Lite diagnostics tool. 

Oil reset

The oil life reminder of any car must be reset every time the oil has been changed, which is usually done as part of a car’s service. Not only can the D1 Lite reset the car’s engine oil life system, but it also calculates the optimal oil change interval based on how the car is being driven. 

Battery management system

We’re pointing out the obvious here, but a car’s battery is crucial to the health of a car. The D1 Lite is able to assess the state of the battery’s charging rate as well as monitor the closed-circuit current. It can also register a new battery when fitted to a car as well as activate the rest state of the vehicle. 

Steering angle sensor 

The D1 Lite is able to store the straight-ahead steering angle in a car’s memory, therefore recalibrating a steering angle sensor that is incorrect. Once the steering wheel sensor has been recalibrated the D1 Lite resets the error code. 

Safety system check

Modern cars are bristling with sensors that enable safety systems such as emergency braking assist and lane keep assist, as well as the computer module that controls them. The D1 Lite can perform a health check on all of these systems, as well as the airbags, which is a crucial check to carry out if a car has been in an accident. 

Electronic parking brake control

As most modern cars come with electronic handbrakes, it is crucial to be able to reset them as well as turn them on and off in the event of a car’s electrical system misfunctioning. Put simply, if a car’s electrics die the parking brake can be left on and the car is unmoveable. 

Rather than go into the belly of the car to find the manual override, which can be a long and expensive job, the D1 Lite can activate or deactivate the parking brake, as well as open and close the brake pads and assist with the brake fluid control system.

Watch the instructional video here 

How do I buy an Otofix D1 Lite?

The Otofix D1 Lite is available from Otofix’s European website, which can be found here. Otofix offers free shipping to European customers. 

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22 Feb 2022