Five things you can do with the Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast


28 Mar 2022

The electric car revolution is happening and the Autel Maxicharger DC Fast is one of the most advanced public car chargers you'll come across Here are five ways it'll make your life with an EV easier: SPONSORED.

Autel has partnered with Sevadis in the UK to launch its all-new MaxiCharger DC Fast electric car charger for public and business use.

Unlike its AC charger that you can have fitted at home to charge your EV (we've reviewed it here), you'll find the DC charger in public places such as at the shopping centre or motorway service station.

Of course, electric car chargers in public places have been around for some time now, but Autel's MaxiCharger DC Fast has the very latest tech built in to make sure charging your EV is easy as possible.

Here are five ways it'll do just that.

It can add up to 211 miles of range to your EV in just 15 minutes

The Autel MaxiCharger DC is an extremely powerful charger. It comes with up to 240kW capability, which means if your EV is able to accept that rate, it'll get 211 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

Even if the unit is set to deliver slower rates, you'll still enjoy a healthy range boost. At 180kW you'll get 158 miles, at 120kW it means 106 miles and at 60kW you'll see 53 miles of extra range.

It has Triple Protection Technology

Data is essential in today's connected world and Autel is committed to making sure your EV's data is safe. When you plug in your car into a charger, it speaks to it and records data about your model, its charge time and other diagnostic information.

Autel's network of chargers around the world speak to each other to make your charging experience more streamlined, while the MaxiCharger DC's advanced battery state tech will ensure it's safe to charge and that these high-speed charges are carried out in the safest way possible.

It'll help your EV's battery last longer

The Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast has clever software built-in that'll assess what state your car's battery is in and charge it up accordingly.

Using data captured globally from other cars just like yours, it can assess the health of your battery in comparison and then make sure it improves its health of it with advanced charging algorithms.

You can actually see its assessment on Autel's app and also see how much the MaxiCharger has improved your battery's health as a percentage.

It's compatible with 99.5% of all EVs on the road

Have you ever pulled up to an EV charger, plugged in your car only to find it doesn't connect? There will be almost no chance of that with the Autel MaxiCharger DC Fast.

That's because its software can speak to 99.5% of electric cars currently available around the globe, and as more new EVs hit the market, they will be added to the list that can benefit from Autel's advanced charging.

It'll update itself over the air

Because the MaxiCharger DC Fast is always connected to the internet, it means that updates can be carried out automatically.

With Autel being such a large company with a huge number of chargers in operation across the globe, it can draw on this data to help improve the way your car is charged.

Of course, as new cars come to market, it'll also need to download software so that these cars can 'speak' to the MaxiCharger. All this can be done over the internet, without engineers needing to be involved.

For more information about Autel's MaxiCharger DC Fast and all its other chargers, head to its dedicated website here.

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28 Mar 2022