Five things you can do with the Autel AC MaxiCharger


26 Jan 2022

The electric car revolution is happening and the Autel AC Maxicharger is one of the most advanced home wall box chargers you can buy. Here are five ways it'll make your life with an EV easier: SPONSORED.

Autel has partnered with Sevadis in the UK to launch its all-new AC MaxiCharger wall box electric car charger for home and business use.

It's an AC wall box, which you can install at home or at your business to charge electric vehicles via a Type 2 charging cable. It can be mounted on the wall, or on a standalone pole.

You can choose between 7.4kW, 11kW and 22kW power levels, but you'll need more advanced three-phase electrics at your home or workplace in order to have the 11 or 22kW models.

You can also choose to have your MaxiCharger with its own cable attached or without, using your own car cable to charge instead. There are three colour choices for the box itself: black, silver or white.

Not only does the new AC MaxiCharger look nicer than the average wall box, plus gets that level of personalisation, it has also been designed to be very easy to install for contractors and extremely easy to use for the end-user via a mobile phone app.

Autel is also keen to point out that the AC MaxiCharger has built-in surge protection, so doesn't require the engineer fitting it to dig a ground spike, which takes time and money to do.

Here are five cool MaxiCharger features you'll enjoy once yours is up and running.

You can control the MaxiCharger using your smartphone

Once your MaxiCharger is installed and set up, you'll be able to control everything it does via your smartphone. It actually has no buttons on it at all.

You'll need Autel's MaxiCharge app, which you'll find on your app store and via which you'll be able to connect to your device remotely. Your installation engineer will help you get the device itself connected to your WiFi.

With the app up and running you'll be able to see the current status of your device, set the times you wish to start and stop charging to suit your energy tariff and receive notifications about your charging on the go.

The MaxiCharger will help your car's battery last longer

The Autel AC MaxiCharger has clever software built-in that'll assess what state your car's battery is in and charge it up accordingly.

Using data captured globally from other cars just like yours, it can assess the health of your battery in comparison and then make sure it improves its health of it with advanced charging algorithms.

You can actually see its assessment on your app and also see how much the MaxiCharger has improved your battery's health as a percentage.

The MaxiCharger can update itself over the internet

Because the MaxiCharger is always connected to the internet to allow you to control its various functions, it also means that updates can be carried out automatically.

Because Autel is such a large company with a huge number of chargers in operation across the globe, it can draw on this data to help improve the way your car is charged.

Of course, as new cars come to market, it'll also need to download software so that these cars can 'speak' to the MaxiCharger. All this can be done over the internet, without you needing to be involved.

You don't have to worry about our terrible weather

The MaxiCharger is rated at IP65 in terms of its waterproofing, helping it fend off water, dust and oil with ease.

IP stands for Ingress Protection, and in the case of IP65 officially means that it has been tested with water jets with water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction, which shall have no harmful effects.

Autel is also keen to stress that it has designed to MaxiCharge to dissapate heat as effectively as possible. It says the MaxiCharger can operate without change between -40 and +55 degrees celsius in its 22kW guise.

Autel is always on hand if you get stuck

The benefit of buying your wall box from a large manufacturer like Autel is its years of experience and support staff who are ready to help should you get stuck.

The technician who installs your MaxiCharger will run through how to use it on the day of installation. Feel free to ask them any questions have about its operation – they're fully trained to help.

If they've left and you're still having trouble, there are support staff in the UK on the telephone number and email address below.

How do I buy one?

The Autel AC MaxiCharger starts at £399 for the 7.4kW unit. The 11kW and 22kW units cost more. You'll then add on extra for fitting and any extra online services you wish to benefit from.

For a full list of prices and more info on the MaxiCharger, contact Sevadis on 0330 058 7144 or

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26 Jan 2022