Five great features of the Otofix IM1


14 Jan 2022

Today's workshop needs something a bit more high-tech than just a spanner.

The Otofix IM1 is a pretty handy tool for any car maintenance business. This smart tablet and its OBD companion tool can offer a whole host of services that will help diagnose and fix critical vehicle issues, not to mention offer new keys that would typically cost a fortune at the dealership. Its XP1 tool can even help program keys that a traditionally a bit trickier to do.

Here are five great features of the Otofix IM1.

Spare keys

There’s never a good time to lose a car key, especially as getting a spare from the dealership can cost hundreds of pounds. Thankfully the Otofix IM1 can program a blank key to ensure the owner has a spare should the unthinkable happen.

Simply plug the OBD companion into the car via its OBD II port, then the Otofix smart tablet’s software will begin identifying the car. There are over 80 car manufacturers supported, and because this device is WiFi-enabled, it can update and maintain this list. Then just place your existing key within range of the ignition sensor so its unique information can be obtained before doing the same with a blank key. It’s that easy.

Equipped for tricky situations

Not all keys are quite so easy to program, or can’t actually be activated via the in-car method. That’s where the XP1 tool comes in. Packed within the hardy case is a gadget that can read and program keys without the car, something necessary for many BMW models. Just pop the key into the XP1 where it’s read, then simply follow the instructions on the tablet to program a spare key.


In addition to being able to help you with keys, the Otofix IM1 can also run a complete diagnostic of your car’s systems. Here erroneous fault codes can be translated into something a human being can understand, giving you a good idea of what the problem might be. You can clear fault codes to see if they return, or simply reset systems that have just got a bit confused.

Thanks to so many makes and models being supported by the tablet, there’s little need for contacting a costly main dealer to simply diagnose an issue. Plugging into the car’s electronic brain via the OBD II port and clever LED-lit OBD tool will provide you with all the information you might need.


A really clever function that the Otofix IM1 features is access to Remote Expert. If you’re struggling with an issue and could use some help, Remote Expert can provide you with a huge database of information. Still need help? You can actually contact an expert who will give you advice on how to solve your issue.

The smart tablet hosts an 8M camera which can help your Remote Expert see exactly what you can see. This is a huge help when it comes to getting the right advice and quickly resolving the vehicle’s problem.


A workshop environment is a tough one that’s full of heavy tools and dirt. The last thing you want is to bring something costly and fragile into that space, only for your fancy new gadget to break. Every element of the Otofix IM1 has been made with durability in mind, something that’s immediately apparent from the hardy toolbox case it arrives in. 

The tablet itself lives within a chunky rubberised case that should offer strong protection should the device slip from your hands. Build quality is good and as a result, this modern tech doesn’t feel out of place next to a set of old-school spanners.

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14 Jan 2022