CAKE Makka Polestar Edition: everything you need to know

Rory White

05 Oct 2021

Polestar has teamed up with electric bike brand CAKE to produce a special model called the Makka Polestar Edition. Here's everything you need to know.

> Polestar reveals limited-edition EV bike

> Can be customised for a multitude of uses

> Can be mounted on a charged via Polestar 2

> Two models, focusing on better range or speed

> Costs from 3500 Euros

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2022 CAKE Makka Polestar Edition design

Electric car brand Polestar has teamed up with electric bike brand CAKE to produce this, the CAKE Makka Polestar Edition.

CAKE makes a variety of different electric bikes, including one called the Kalk that looks more like an off-road scrambler. This here is the Makka, which is more of a utility vehicle, available in multiple different forms depending on your needs.

For instance, your Makka can come in its most basic form called the Clean (pictured here), with just a seat for one passenger to get about. Then there's the + Rack model which, you guessed it, adds a rear rack for transporting luggage. From there, you can add various boxes, bags and racks depending on what you need.

You can then buy a tow bar mount for your Makka to be transported using your Polestar 2, and you can even charge your Makka using the 2's battery on the move.

Buying a specific Polestar Edition Makka also gets you a unique slim LED headlight, Öhlins rear damper, black detailing and a frame and battery cover in Polestar Snow matte paint.

2022 CAKE Makka Polestar Edition battery and range

The Makka comes in two forms – the Flex or the Range.

Both come with a 1.5kWh battery, but the Flex's motor produces 4.8hp for a 28mph top speed and a 31-mile range, while the Range gets a 2.4hp motor and lower 16mph top speed, but a better 37 miles range. Both models weigh just shy of 66kg.

Charging either model using a standard three-pin home socket takes 2 hours for a 0-80% charge or 3 hours for a 0-100% one.

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2022 CAKE Makka Polestar Edition prices and on-sale date

The CAKE Makka is on sale now and starts from just less than £3000 for the Range Clean model.

The Polestar edition, which can be mounted and charged via your Polestar 2 and comes with a unique look and features starts from £4116 and is available for pre-order now via Polestar's website.

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