Best used hybrids 2022

Rory White

26 Nov 2021

Hybrids are usually more expensive than their petrol and diesel counterparts when new, but there are some great bargains to be had when buying used. Here are some of the best.

1. BMW 330e

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The BMW 330e is a plug-in hybrid version of the superb BMW 3 Series in either saloon or Touring estate form. You get a 41-mile electric range, which will cover most peoples' commutes, plus there's the same great drive of the standard 3 Series.

OK, so a BMW X3 SUV might be more practical for those with a growing family, but most will find the 3 Series fine inside, plus it comes with one of the best infotainment systems on sale. Lots were sold new, so you won't struggle to find a decent example in the classifieds.

2. Toyota Corolla

Buy a new or used Toyota with YesAuto

The Toyota Corolla is a hybrid, so you don't plug it in, but a battery and electric motor work with the engine to provide lower-speed electric driving and all combined, very agreeable fuel economy figures.

The Corolla also looks great, is comfy yet fun to drive and is spacious inside. Its infotainment system is average, but Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now standard. It's been a sales hit since being launched in 2018, so there are plenty of used ones about for sale.

3. Skoda Superb iV

Buy a new or used Skoda with YesAuto

The Skoda Superb is a simply massive car for the money and the same goes for this plug-in hybrid iV model. There's the same cavernous passenger space, and although the Superb iV's boot is slightly smaller than the standard car's, it's still huge by any standard.

Its 35 miles of electric range is nothing special given its size but will have you covered for most day-to-day journeys. There aren't a huge number of used ones for sale just yet, but there should be more coming up in 2022.

4. Volvo XC60

Buy a new or used Volvo with YesAuto

The Volvo XC60 is Volvo's best-selling model for good reason, and the plug-in hybrid versions make up 25% of XC60 sales too. There's a T6 and T8 to choose from, but both have the same battery that'll do 32 miles on electricity.

The lesser T6 still has easily enough power, so it's our pick. Plus, whichever you choose you'll get Volvo's classy cabin and comfortable drive. Thousands loved the XC60, so there are loads for sale online.

5. Lexus RX

Buy a new or used Lexus with YesAuto

The Lexus RX takes Toyota's brilliant hybrid tech and wraps it up in a hugely high-quality package. You don't plug it in, but it's still genuinely fuel efficient, plus you get the bonus of Lexus's stellar reliability record and customer service.

There are lots of great examples for sale on used forecourts up and down the country too.

6. Volkswagen Golf GTE

Buy a new or used Volkswagen with YesAuto

There are three different ways to have your sporty MK7 VW Golf, petrol, diesel, or this plug-in hybrid GTE. The latter combines punchy power with the ability to drive on pure electric too, for up to 31 miles.

You also get VW's superb build quality inside, plus all the usual Golf space and practicality. It's not quite as fun in corners as the best warm hatches, but it's by no means a bad effort. The GTE was a hugely popular company car, so you won't struggle to buy a used one.

7. Toyota Prius

Buy a new or used Toyota with YesAuto

It might be the car that turns up to take you home from the nightclub, but the Toyota Prius is chosen by many taxi drivers for a reason: it uses very little fuel, is extremely reliable and is decent to drive.

Because plenty of Uber driver's love them, there's a steady stream making their way to the used classifieds, although most of them are silver or black.

8. Honda Jazz

Buy a new or used Honda with YesAuto

The Honda Jazz is a great little Hybrid. We say little – inside it's huge for a small car and has handy features like folding and flip-up rear seats. It's great to drive around town where 50mpg is easily achievable and comes stacked with equipment.

9. Range Rover Sport PHEV

Buy a new or used Range Rover with YesAuto

The luxury choice on this list is this Range Rover Sport PHEV. It can travel as far off-road as any other Land Rover, but will also travel around 30 miles on electricity on a full charge.

Because plenty of people bought these cars as company transport, you'll find lots up for the sale on used car websites.

10. Kia Niro

Buy a new or used Kia with YesAuto

The Kia Niro is available in pure-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid forms. We love the electric e-Niro but here we'd recommend the plug-in hybrid model with its 35-mile electric range. It's spacious, well equipped and good to drive, just like the other Niros.

Just be aware its interior and infotainment are starting to feel a little old next to some newer models. Even so, it's looking like a bit of a bargain as a used buy these days.

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Rory White

26 Nov 2021