Best coupe SUVs 2021

Rory White

22 Sep 2021

They're not really coupes, but sloping-roofed coupe-style SUVs are becoming increasingly popular for their looks and practicality. Here are the top 10 best on sale.

1. BMW X6

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A sleeker sloping-roofed version of BMW's X5, the X6 has often divided opinion when it comes to looks. That hasn't stopped thousands from buying one for its great drive, luxurious cabin and superb infotainment. It doesn't lose much in terms of practicality, either.

2. Porsche Cayenne Coupe

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If you really value the way a car drives but need an SUV, they don't drive much better than the Porsche Cayenne Coupe. You also get a very high-quality interior, decent interior space and the latest tech included too.

3. Mercedes GLE Coupe

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Mercedes' large coupe SUV the GLE Coupe isn't as agile as BMW's X6, but puts comfort and quiet first – and excels at both. It has a more stylish interior, too, plus its own great infotainment and tech.

4. Audi Q8

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Audi often makes the best interiors in terms of quality and the Q8's is staggeringly solid plus beautifully designed. The Q8 is also hugely comfy to drive and comes with some smooth, powerful engine options.

5. Audi Q5 Sportback

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Another Audi, this time the smaller Audi Q5 Sportback. It retains everything that's great about the normal Q5, such as strong, efficient engines, a plush cabin and relaxing drive, but dials up the style with a sloping roof. Happily, space in the back and boot isn't massively affected.

6. Range Rover Velar

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Land Rover knows a thing or two about comfort and luxury. The Range Rover Velar looks and feels seriously upmarket to sit in and drive, and like all Land Rovers, will go further off-road than any of the other SUVs in this list.

7. BMW X4

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Another BMW SUV that stands out for how fun it is to drive, but again gets all the best bits of BMW, such as a high-quality cabin, class-leading infotainment and strong yet efficient engine choices. The BMW X4 is well worth a look if you're in the market for a coupe SUV.

8. Cupra Formentor

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Seat performance offshoot Cupra's first SUV is a belter. It looks superb, gets a lovely interior style and quality plus lots of choice when it comes to engines. It's also fantastic to drive and there are some enticing finance deals available at YesAuto right now.

9. Mercedes GLC Coupe

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Mercedes' take on the BMW X4 has a more stylish cabin and a more comfortable drive but a similar feel of luxury and quality. It doesn't give too much away in terms of practicality over the more upright GLC SUV it's based on too.

10. Renault Arkana

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Renault's first go at a coupe SUV, the Arkana is a fantastic looking thing with a nice cabin and decent engine options including a hybrid. It's also well equipped and keenly priced, especially if you are considering financing your next coupe SUV.

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Rory White

22 Sep 2021