Autel: keeping you on the road today and shaping cars of tomorrow

Nick Francis

10 Nov 2021

YesAuto has partnered with Autel, a global automotive technology company that develops tools and software to keep cars on the road, as well as make driving safer and advance the progress of EV tech. Here’s everything you need to know about Autel.

Why should I know about Autel?

Even if you don’t know the name the chances are your car has at some point benefited from Autel’s technology. Autel specialises in the kind of automotive tech that keeps cars on the road, enabling engineers and mechanics to diagnose problems with a vehicle and get it fixed in the most efficient way.

Autel’s products are sold in over 70 countries, including Great Britain, China, America and Australia. Its diagnostic tools are class-leading and found in more than 500,000 independent vehicle repair shops across the globe. Put simply, when there’s something wrong with your car, Autel has the tool that can identify the problem and get it back on the road ASAP. 

But it’s much more than that. Over 60 per cent of Autel’s employees work in the research and development (R&D) arm of the company, working on everything from battery and charging technology for electric cars to autonomous driving solutions. Autel has R&D centres in Silicon Valley, Munich and Shenzen.

Since it was founded in 2004 Autel has received 1040 domestic and foreign patents and has won almost 100 awards and honours, including the VISION Best New Product in the United States award and no less than 13 Red Dot Awards, known as Oscars in the world of product design.  

So Autel specialises in diagnostic tools?

Yes, as well as a lot of other things. Many of Autel’s diagnostic tools are cloud-based, which enables them to provide remote diagnostics, streamlining the repair process. For example, Autel’s tools can feed the diagnostics information to a workshop or parts department via the cloud so the right parts and tools are ready by the time the car arrives to be fixed. 

A car’s service and repair history can be shared via the cloud too, as well as the general health status of the car, and even the tyre thickness and pressure. Repair guidelines and feedback can also be shared, all of which ensure the car is given the best treatment possible for a problem. 

It’s not just repair workshops and mechanics who use Autel’s tools. The insurance industry uses them to examine the condition of a vehicle that has been involved in an incident, as well as analyse the driving habits of its clients. And the used car industry makes educated judgements on the value of a car based on its repair records and health status, all thanks to the diagnostic tools developed and built by Autel. 

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You mentioned something about EV battery charging? 

That's right. Via its New Energy department, Autel specialises in battery testing tools that can analyse all manner of data that can help with the development of electric car batteries, such as life cycle management of a battery and its charging capacities.

More than that, Autel makes residential and commercial EV wallbox chargers that can monitor the state of an EV’s battery to keep it in prime health. The Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox prevents a battery from being overcharged or becoming too hot, which can degrade the performance and efficiency of a battery.

Using something Autel calls Health Charging Mode EV batteries can last up to 20% longer, and all of the data can be shared by the owner with the manufacturer or a workshop. 

Autel’s wallbox chargers are designed for outdoor life, with maximum protection from oil, dust and water. They can withstand extremes of climate without affecting the charging rate, maintaining 22kW full power operation between -40°C and +55°C. 

And the driving safety part? What’s Autel doing in that area?

These days cars are moving pieces of computer technology, not just mechanical machines. Just as Autel’s diagnostic tools can identify a fault in a car, it also makes tools that can identify problems with a car’s Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) and then recalibrate them to a safe standard.

For example, if a car is involved in a collision the sensors, radar and software inside the car which enable functions like the emergency braking assist system, or rear cross traffic alert system, may become damaged. Without those working properly the car is not safe, and certainly not up to the standard of safety it was when it was built.

Autel’s tools will identify any area of a car’s ADAS systems that are not performing at an optimal level and then recalibrate them if needed. If a physical repair is needed, Autel’s technology can relay this information back to a manufacturer or workshop.

From this work Autel has been able to move into the autonomous driving space. Autel is currently one of around 55 companies licensed to test autonomous driving technology on public roads in California.

It is a world leader in automotive artificial intelligence (AI) and is working with companies including Tesla, Bosch, Continental and Mobileye to advance the development of self-driving cars and autonomous safety systems. 

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Nick Francis

10 Nov 2021