2022 Aura concept: everything you need to know

Tyler Heatley

22 Sep 2021

Unique EV concept car points to the future.

> Concept created by UK companies

> Rear-mounted electric motor

> 400 mile range

> Vegan interior

> Not for production

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2022 Aura design

This is an interesting one. Here’s a concept car designed by a series of British companies to highlight efficiency and sustainability. It takes the form of a two-seat sports car that lacks a windscreen and is very reminiscent of racers of the 1960s – especially with those shrouded rear wheels.

Its slippery aerodynamics are forged from sustainably sourced natural fibre composites, something that makes its construction green and boosts efficiency.  

2022 Aura interior and infotainment

The Aura is all about being lightweight, and so the interior has been kept minimalistic. It will happily seat two, and all of the materials used are vegan to minimise the impact of manufacturing on the environment.

This car’s electronic gizmos are rather interesting, with the digital instrument cluster being displayed on a 5-inch screen within its steering wheel. The screen levels itself when the wheel is turned to make sure it’s the right way up regardless of the car’s direction. There is also a 10-inch infotainment system that runs an Android-based user interface.

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2022 Aura practicality and boot space

This being a concept car, there isn’t much emphasis or information on practicality. As the Aura is rear-engined, it would suggest that there might be some storage in the nose under its bonnet, but no official word has been given on this.

2022 Aura batteries, motors and range

This concept car is powered by a pair of 44kWh battery packs that have been placed in the chassis independently for better weight distribution. They are connected to a rear-mounted electric motor, however, no details have been given on its exacting specifications.

We do know that the concept has a predicted range of 400 miles thanks to its battery tech, lightweight construction, and aerodynamics. While no information is available on charging, the car is said to offer charging estimates that are 99.5% accurate.

2022 Aura and on-sale date

At this point in time, there are no plans for the Aura concept car to enter production. The model exists as a fully functioning and road legal technology demonstrator for the companies involved in its construction.

While there are no plans for the car to find its way into the hands of customers, its technologies are sure to be seen in the near future on other models. 

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Tyler Heatley

22 Sep 2021