Upcoming 2024 BMW i5: spy shots

Tyler Heatley

19 Nov 2021

An all-new BMW 5 Series is on the way, but so is an all-electric i5.

> New BMW i5 and 5 series expected to hit the road in 2024

> Electric 5 Series to be dubbed i5

> YesAuto’s spy shots shows prototype EV testing in Germany

> Prices expected to be around £55,000

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2024 BMW i5: what is it?

The BMW 5 Series is due to be replaced in the next few years and is expected to be offered with a variety of powertrains. In addition to its conventional petrol and diesel options, a new pure-electric model dubbed i5 will join the range.

Expect the same three-box design and typical BMW saloon luxuries, but with a zero-emissions powertrain and likely the option of dual-motor all-wheel drive. Just like other i models, much of the switchgear has been absorbed by large touchscreen displays.

2024 BMW i5: what is it powered by?

The BMW i5 will likely utilise a similar array of motors as its i4 sibling. That means a rear-motor model featuring around 350bhp and a dual-motor all-wheel drive performance car from the M division hosting something like 550bhp.

Currently, an i4 in its most efficient guise can cover up to 367 miles, so we should expect about the same from the i5. However, this model is a couple of years away yet, and so we could see another leap in battery technology.

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2024 BMW i5: when will it be on sale?

We’re expecting the BMW i5 to be launched alongside the next-generation BMW 5 Series, a car due in 2024. The model is still undergoing testing, so you don’t need to rush down to a BMW dealer just yet.

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2024 BMW i5: how much will it cost?

Pricing at this point in time is purely speculative, but a BMW i4 starts at £52k, and so a £55,000 asking price for the more practical i5 seems reasonable. A high-performance M50 car will likely be closer to £70,000.

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Tyler Heatley

19 Nov 2021