2022 MG 5 EV: everything you need to know

Nick Francis

13 Oct 2021

MG has updated its electric estate - the seventh best-selling EV in the UK - with some heavy styling revisions and new tech.

> New MG 5 EV electric estate revealed

> Updated design and tech

> Up to 249-miles range

> Expected early 2022

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2022 MG 5 EV design

There’s something curious going on at MG. The Chinese brand recently launched a long-range version of its electric estate in the UK, which changed nothing about the car other than bumping up its range from 214-miles to 249-miles in a bid to broaden its appeal. 

Now, just months later, it’s unveiled a new version of the MG 5 EV which has been given a serious makeover and stuffed with a load of new tech. So far it has only confirmed it will go on sale in Europe, but we would bet our mortgage that it will include the UK.

Carmakers don’t like building two versions of the same car because it costs them a load of money they don’t need to be spending. Funny that.

As far as we’re concerned the dowdy-looking MG 5 EV was crying out for some love from the MG design team. Since it was first launched there has been a slew of good-looking and affordable EVs launched, and this update is intended to keep it competitive against cars like the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Inoiq 5. 

At the front the fake grille has been ditched and replaced with sharp new headlights and a much chunkier bumper with large air intakes in front of the wheels. 

The rear bumper is new too, as are the rear lights which now feature a Y-shaped signature. Blobs of chrome on the tailgate add a premium look, as do the new five-spoke alloy wheels.

Currently the MG 5 EV is the UK’s seventh best-selling EV, and this nip and tuck could move it even further up the rankings.

2022 MG 5 EV interior and infotainment

We haven’t got full details from MG but from the pictures it has released we can see the infotainment screen has grown in size and sits much higher on the dashboard, much closer to the driver’s eyeline. 

The infotainment system now apparently hosts the controls for the climate control, which has made the dashboard less cluttered. We can also see a hidden storage cubby below the rotary drive selector, which is also new. 

The MG 5 EV’s interior looks clean and sharp and makes good use of ambient lighting, bringing it closer to the standard of the Korean EVs, in design at least. 

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2022 MG 5 EV practicality and boot space

Because the dimensions are not expected to change the new MG 5 EV will still be a practical car. Inside the cabin it’s spacious both front and back, and because of its boxy estate shape leg and headroom is generous for rear passengers.

The current MG 5 EV doesn’t have an abundance of storage inside the cabin itself, but as we’ve already pointed out there’s a new cubby below the dashboard that looks large enough for typical clutter like keys, wallets and phones.

The current car offers 464-litres of boot space with the parcel shelf fitted, but removing it stretches it to 587-litres, and folding the back seats down swells it further to 1,465-litres. These numbers are pretty average for an estate, but good compared to most other electric cars. 

2022 MG 5 EV battery, motors and charging 

This new model won’t be introducing anything new in terms of powertrain, which means it will be powered by a 156hp motor on the front axle which is fed by a 61kWh battery. MG claims a maximum range of 249-miles, which is decent for an EV that costs around £25,000. 

It is thought MG is working on an even cheaper model which will use a 50kWh battery, which will see the range drop to 199-miles.

The MG 5 supports up to 77kW charging, so in theory 80% of range can be topped up in around an hour, if you can find a fast charger. A 7kW home charger will do a full charge in nine and a half hours. 

2022 MG 5 EV prices and on-sale date

As we said, MG is yet to specifically confirm this new model will be available in the UK, but it would be bizarre if it isn’t on its way here. We should hear more on this in the coming weeks, but we expect it will be in showrooms early next year.

The price is not expected to rise from £25,000. That’s the whole point of the MG 5 EV and the reason it is the seventh most popular EV in the UK – it’s affordable. 

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Nick Francis

13 Oct 2021