Upcoming 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL: spy shots

Tyler Heatley

17 Sep 2021

All-new AMG sports car caught almost totally undisguised.

> New AMG SL to be revealed imminently

> Based on all-new SL sports car

> YesAuto’s spy shots catch test mule almost totally undisguised

> Prices expected to be around £120,000

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2022 Mercedes-AMG SL: what is it?

There’s an all-new Mercedes-Benz SL on the way, and that means the boys and girls at AMG have a new toy to play with. High-performance AMG SLs are an inevitability, each possessing potent turbocharged engines, and we’ve caught one testing.

If you want some ‘go faster’ alfresco motoring, this is the SL you’re waiting for.

2022 Mercedes-AMG SL: what is it powered by?

There will likely be a couple of AMG SLs to choose from with the SL63 probably being the most potent. It is likely to be powered by a 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing around 550bhp.

A lower-powered SL55 is also on the cards, likely kicking out some 370bhp, but there may be yet another ‘entry level’ engine option. There’s speculation of a four-cylinder hybrid AMG car… Watch this space.

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2022 Mercedes-AMG SL: when will it be on sale?

Considering that this test mule looks close to being ready for your driveway and that the reveal of the regular SL is imminent, we’d expect to see this AMG before the year is out. 

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2022 Mercedes-AMG SL: how much will it cost?

This SL will be an all-new model, with AMG models serving at the top tier cars. Before it went off sale, an AMG SL started at around £117k, so we expect the entry model to sit just north of £120,000 when it hits the road in 2022.

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Tyler Heatley

17 Sep 2021