New 2022 Mercedes-AMG One: everything you need to know

Tyler Heatley

14 Oct 2021

The ultimate AMG? Considering it has an F1 engine, yes.

> Ultimate AMG hypercar

> Uses F1 derived engine

> Over 1,000bhp

> 217mph+ top speed

> Priced at £2,000,000

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2022 Mercedes-AMG One design

Meet the Mercedes-AMG One. The ultimate Silver Arrow for the road and nothing short of an incredible engineering achievement. We’ll get onto the car’s F1 DNA soon, but one look at this car’s design tells you plenty. Low, wide, and super slick with its aero devices retracted, it looks every inch the performance machine.

Intakes, scoops and channels all serve to guide airflow for cooling its special power unit or generating some downforce for stability. However, the car’s active aerodynamics are where the real science happens. A large active rear wing, flaps over the front wings, and a host of other tricks will keep this machine glued to the road or track.

Mighty impressive, but its carbon body is only the start of its amazing specification.

2022 Mercedes-AMG One interior and infotainment

Mercedes have yet to release any production images of the AMG One’s interior, but we do know that it will seat two. Expect some creature comforts, but its rough 1,200kg weight will likely mean it has been on a strict diet. An F1-inspired steering wheel is a given.

The concept car of four years ago will likely provide our best guide. There’s lots of carbon on show and a pair of large displays for infotainment and driver instrumentation.

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2022 Ford Focus practicality and boot space

This is a real halo model in every sense of the word for Mercedes-AMG, so don’t go expecting to be able to fit a bike in the boot.

There’s no confirmation on storage just yet as the interior is still shrouded in secrecy. There will likely be somewhere to store a racing helmet and a cubby for your smartphone.

2022 Mercedes-AMG one engine

The crown jewel of the AMG One is its engine. It is based on the very unit that won the 2017 Formula One World Championship, not inspired by, but actually based on it. An enormous level of engineering has had to go into making it viable for a road car and not just the length of an F1 race, with such a challenge causing delays. However, everything from working out how to get it to idle at sensible speeds to realising a 16 mile EV range has been cracked. Impressive, don’t you think?

The powertrain comprises of that 1.6-litre V6 and four electric motors. Its front wheels are granted power via two of them, while another sends power to the rear. Its final electrical unit spools the turbo to reduce lag under acceleration.

Total output of the AMG One is said to be over 1,000bhp, something that helps rocket this machine from 0-62mph in less than three seconds. Top speed is quoted at over 217mph.

2022 Mercedes-AMG One prices and on-sale date

AMG will build just 275 of these epic cars at a cost of over £2,000,000 each. Want one? Sadly, you are too late as all are spoken for.

There were question marks over the ambition of this project and if AMG were ever going to deliver on their promises, however, it is expected that customers will start to receive their cars before the end of 2021.

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Tyler Heatley

14 Oct 2021