Upcoming 2022 Mercedes-AMG EQE 53: spy shots

Tyler Heatley

20 Sep 2021

AMG is testing its take on the EQE EV

> New AMG EV

> Based on EQE

> YesAuto’s spy shots capture prototype testing

> Prices expected to be around £80,000

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2022 Mercedes-AMG EQE 53: what is it?

The Mercedes-Benz EQE was revealed as a Tesla Model S rival earlier this year. New mainstream Merc product means that AMG has something fresh to play with. The AMG EQE 53 brings more sporting design and outright performance to this all-electric model.

We think this is an AMG 53, meaning that there’s potential for an even faster AMG 63 car at a later date.

2022 Mercedes-AMG EQE 53: what is it powered by?

The regular EQE was announced with a single motor and around 330bhp. We don’t have exacting details on what will underpin the AMG car, but its a safe bet that it will feature two electric motors and all-wheel drive. An output of 450bhp is to be expected.

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2022 Mercedes-AMG EQE 53: when will it be on sale?

The Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 is in its prototype testing stage at this moment in time, so we’d be surprised if we saw the finished car this year. Early 2022 seems a realistic prospect with examples likely arriving with customers later that year.

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2022 Mercedes-AMG EQE 53: how much will it cost?

This is an interesting question as it’s not really known how much of a premium an AMG EV will command over the regular model. Looking at the pricing for around £60,000 over a regular EQE, something in the region of £80k for an EQE AMG could be in the right ballpark. 

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Tyler Heatley

20 Sep 2021