New 2022 Citroen Ami: everything you need to know

Tyler Heatley

22 Sep 2021

The quirky Citroen Ami EV is coming to the UK in 2022.

> Ami officially coming to the UK

> Will feature updated Type 2 charger

> 28mph top speed

> 43-mile range

> Pricing TBC

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2022 Citroen Ami design

Citroen’s curious little quadricycle is finally coming to the UK. This quirky EV features a unique design that helps keep costs down. Being symmetrical and featuring a body primarily made of plastic, replacement parts are due to be cheap – it also helps keep the cost of manufacturing down.

An unusual trait of the Ami’s design is that its doors are identical, again to keep costs down. This means that while one door opens conventionally, the other is rear-hinged and opens in the opposite direction.

The Ami is designed for urban use and its small footprint will certainly be an asset in bustling areas.

2022 Citroen Ami interior and infotainment

The Citroen Ami’s interior is pretty basic with the majority of the space forged from moulded plastics. However, contrasting trim elements and unique design makes for an interesting place to sit. A simplistic digital instrument display is just about the only bit of tech found in the airy cabin.

There’s no infotainment system to speak of, instead, Ami relies on your smartphone for things like navigation. You won’t find any speaker either, but there is a cubby to store a Bluetooth speaker. This frugality helps keep the Ami at its tempting price point.

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2022 Citroen Ami practicality and boot space

Considering the small scale of the Ami and its rather basic nature, there’s a surprising amount of cabin storage. You’ll find a series of cubbies and trays that line the dashboard, not to mention a handy phone holder.

There is only 63-litres of boot space, but with the Ami being aimed at urban use, this is adequate for a rucksack and laptop bag.

2022 Citroen Ami batteries, motors and range

There is only one powertrain option available for the Ami, that being an 8bhp single electric motor. It is powered by a 5.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack that can now be charged via a Type 2 plug – previously this could only be done from a slow three-pin socket. According to WLTP figures, this modern-day 2CV can cover up to 43 miles on a charge. That is much less than other electric cars, but keep in mind that this is designed for hopping around the city and popping to the shops.

There’s no new information on charging via Type 2, but in Europe where the Ami has already launched, a full charge takes around three hours, but 12 miles can be gained in 30 minutes.

2022 Citroen Ami prices and on-sale date

After 12,000 people registered an interest in the Ami, Citroen has decided to bring the little EV to the UK. In Europe, you can drive one at just 14 years old, but in the UK you will still need a full licence. However, it is expected to be one of the cheapest ways to go electric.

Official UK pricing has yet to be announced, but in Europe, prices start at €19.99 (£17) Euros per month for 48 months, with a deposit of €2,644 (£2,200). There’s also a pay-as-you-go option for €0.24 per minute plus a monthly fee of €9.90. If you want to buy one with cold hard cash, that’ll be €6,000, or around £5,000.

The Citroen Ami will hit UK roads in Spring 2022.

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Tyler Heatley

22 Sep 2021