Upcoming 2022 BMW X8 M: spy shots

Tyler Heatley

10 Nov 2021

The X8 M will be one of the largest BMW M cars ever.

> New BMW X8 M expected to be released early 2022

> Set to be the fastest X8 variant

> YesAuto’s spy shots caught a test mule relatively undisguised

> Prices expected to be around £100,000+

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2022 BMW X8 M: what is it?

BMW is set to launch a new flagship X8 SUV based on the X7, but features more distinctive styling. It was inevitable that the M Division was going to be given a shot at the new model, and we’ve caught this big brute testing.

This test mule is relatively undisguised despite its camouflage wrap. You can clearly see the more muscular bodywork, stacked exhaust exits, and larger intakes. Also, check out those distinctive alloy wheels.

2022 BMW X8 M: what is it powered by?

When it comes to what lives under the bonnet of this up and coming X8 M, we’d expect it to follow the M8’s lead. That means a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine with over 600bhp. Despite this SUV’s heft, it should be good for a sub-5 second 0-62mph sprint.

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2022 BMW X8 M: when will it be on sale?

We expect to see the regular X8 surface before the end of 2021, and so the X8 M shouldn’t be far behind it. Early 2022 would be a safe bet.

Order books should open within days of the BMW X8 M’s reveal, so customer cars will likely be hitting the road midway through next year.

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2022 BMW X8: how much will it cost?

The X8 M will be one of BMW’s largest yet fastest models, and so that will come with a sizeable price tag. If the new X8 turns out to cost close to £80k, the M model will no doubt eclipse £100,000.

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Upcoming 2022 BMW X8: spy shots

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Tyler Heatley

10 Nov 2021