New 2021 Ferrari SF90: everything you need to know

Tyler Heatley

18 Oct 2021

Meet Ferrari's first plug-in hybrid. 986bhp and capable of over 21mpg.

> First plug-in hybrid Ferrari

> 986bhp

> 0-62mph in just 2.5 seconds

> 15 miles of EV range

> Priced from £375,000

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2022 Ferrari SF90 design

So, you wanted a LaFerrari, but for whatever reason, you didn’t get the chance to snap up the limited edition car. Well, the good news is that there’s no such cap on Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid model, and its performance won’t leave fans of Ferrari flagships wanting.

Just because this is a hybrid, doesn’t mean that it lacks the theatrics of a Ferrari, although, its styling is a considerable departure from the rest of the range. A low and wide nose points onwards with raked headlights flanking the car. The Glasshouse might be reminiscent of the F8, but the highly sculpted rear is rather unique. It’s a clean and flowing design that marks a new era for Ferrari.

If you’re willing to spend an extra £40k, you can equip your SF90 with the Assetto Fiorano pack. This makes for a more track-focused car with firmer suspension, more carbon, a lightweight exhaust system, and a more focused rear wing.

2022 Ferrari interior and infotainment

There’s an elegance to the SF90’s interior that perhaps you don’t find in lesser Ferrari cars. Everything is minimalistic, but attention to detail and material quality is high indeed. An all-new steering wheel has been introduced featuring touch-sensitive panels instead of the rather overwhelming array of buttons seen on other models.

There’s a pleasingly simplistic mentality to infotainment that lacks the large tablet-like approach of many rivals. A series of virtual buttons illuminate on the console, with their responses being displayed within the digital instrument binnacle. 

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2022 Ferrari SF90 practicality and boot space

Obviously, this being a new 1,000bhp supercar, practicality is not top of its agenda. That said, you might be surprised to find out that there isn’t even enough space in the SF90 for an overnight bag. While you could likely use an SF90 as a daily driver, this might be the very reason you don’t.

The Ferrari SF90 seats two in a pair of rakish seats. Sitting low in the chassis, you’re plugged into the car and in a prime position to take advantage of its performance.

2022 Ferrari SF90 batteries, motors and engine

At the heart of the Ferrari SF90 is a modified version of the V8 found in the F8. Turbos have been relocated for optimum weight distribution, but the biggest change is the addition of a trio of electric motors. There’s two up front and one at the rear, a setup that gives this Ferrari all-wheel drive.

As an EV you can cover up to 15 miles, but combined this setup kicks out 986bhp. That last figure contributes to a 0-62mph time of just 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 211mph – all while achieving over 21mpg. 

2022 Ferrari SF90 prices and on-sale date

As mentioned, the SF90 is not a limited run car, meaning that technically everyone can have access to nearly 1,000bhp of Ferrari fury. However, it will require at least £375,000, and that’s without options. Add the Assetto Fiorano pack for a more focused machine and that will cost another £40,000.

If you do have the pocket change for a Ferrari SF90, you can order one right now.

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Tyler Heatley

18 Oct 2021