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Not only London has some amazing supercars driving around, as you can see in Düsseldorf they got some amazing supercars as well!
In this video we go back to Central London which currently it pretty quiet but as you can see we still manage to find some amazing cars!
A brand new family SUV, such as the Audi Q7, can cost close to £60,000 in 2021. But did you know you could bag a serious supercar for just £50,000 from on of YesAuto's approved dealers?
Is it possible that the iconic Audi R8 is better without quattro? See you at the next video :-)
Even though the weather is clearly not always in our favour, London keeps delivering, we get to see some incredible supercars from a Lexus LFA to a Liberty Walk Aventador, a few 488 Pistas and more!